Tuesday, January 18, 2005

My brother just walked into my office and showed me the battle scars he's got all over his neck from this weekend's snowmobiling trip. I guess they decided to drive all the way up to Paradise and for all those who don't know where Paradise is, it's at the tip top of the upper peninsula. It was 25 below zero up there and they decided to go take their sleds out. Yea. He's got cold burns all over his neck from frost bite - they look like hickis or large shaving accidents. He's like "oh we had a good ole time!" I was horrified but very impressed.

You know one time, he tells me "hey jack, tell paul he needs to get a sled for this winter". I was like "I don't want a sled". He looks at me and says "yea Paul needs one". I guess snowmobiling is a non-girl sport to my brother. Now normally I'd get all offended and then I'd want a snowmobile just because he said that but this time, I really don't care. I'm so not interested in coming home with a bunch of hickis on my neck. :)

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