Thursday, January 27, 2005

Oh my good fudge. My superintendent isn't here and I'm getting more work done...this is awesome. Well, crap, I didn't mean that in a bad way...I meant, I feel free to control whatever I want to control...not that that's bad....errr...

I got so frustrated with myself earlier this week so I decided to grab this book out of my brother's office and read about roofing. I actually took notes - 5 pages in fact. I was so sick of this whole "no training" thing, that finally I stopped, looked through a couple of books, grabbed one good one, and taught myself about the chemical, physical, and resistance differences between every single roof system out there. I even read about the history of different systems. For example, did you know that a PVC roof (made from rubber and plastic; color is white) was developed in the 60s in Germany and ventured over to the US in the mid 70s? Yea, this is the kinda shit I'm GOING to learn. I'm gonna make myself learn-ed. Ha ha I said learn-ed. tee hee tee hee

Ok now I have to go kick some ass.

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