Thursday, January 13, 2005

Ok so here's the suckiest thing about this year. Well, here's an analogy of the suckiest thing all year.

Say you started taking this class and the prof asked you to write several essays about why capitalism was good for the world. Now you had to write these essays every week throughout the 15 week course and they were graded as if you knew everything about capitalism. During the class, you learn a few new things and you realize half way through the course that almost all of your essays that you turned in for the first few weeks, are not at all articulate and are missing important supportive information. You get some of those essays back and your prof has covered them in red ink. You wish you could go back and give yourself valid, imperative info but you can't go back in time - unless of course you have a Delorean and some plutonium. So now, you're stuck with these worthless essays and a shitty grade. The worst part of all: you know that if you wrote those essays now, you'd have a pretty decent grade.

THAT is kinda like what I've been struggling with for the last few months at work.

Ok, that's the last time I'm complaining about work on this website.

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