Monday, January 31, 2005

We made some progress on the basement project this weekend. I mud and taped the small storage room and Paul finished framing out the bathroom. We didn't do as much as we could've because of the trash situation - in that, we've got so much building trash it's practically flowing out the windows. I think my brother's gonna bring over this dump trailer tonight though, which will hopefully bring an end to this buildup in the basement. In addition to attempting to work in the basement this weekend, we found out some interesting news that actually confirmed a hunch we had about the previous owners. We talked to our neighbor, Nate Dave, and he told us that the old owner, Dave S, worked on the whole house with his wife (at the time). He said they ripped out floors, resanded, fixed a whole lotta crap, and then got to the basement and said "oh hell, I don't know what to do with this." he just left it. We thought the exact same thing right before we bought the house. It was cool to find out you were right.

We also found out that Nate Dave has had the same problems with plumbing that we had. I wish we would've talked to him sooner because he gave us a name of a plumber down the street that was dirt cheap compared to what we paid Mr. Rooter. Sucky.

I was up late last night, miserable. My back hurt, my nose was all stuffy, and I just flat out couldn't sleep. I think my body was mad at me because I didn't have a full weekend off. I had to go to work on Saturday morning....8-12. Not that I planned it for those particular times but my guys were starting at 8 and I needed to be there to solve our carpenter situation before my roofers got to that section. I ended up feeling like "mommy" scolding her two bickering kids. The roofers were offended that they had to do shit for the carpenter and the carpenter was taking offense to the roofers saying they caused holes in the roof - wah wah wah. So I had to deal with whiney foreman who took extra long breaks and speedy but pissy carpenters for four hours on my day off. So I tried my best to solve the wood problem and prayed that the carpenters would be done before noon - hours before my guys would even get to that section. Fucking moron trade--that's why people don't fucking like you--that's why people insult me for being a roofer--cause you guys are fucking dicks to these people. "oh we're not doin shit for them, we do our own thing" yea well get off my roof pal. That's right! it's my fuckin roof and you'll move their shit if I tell you to or get the fuck off my roof. AH. this is the frustration that I had to deal with on Saturday morning of all days.

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