Thursday, January 20, 2005

Well, we've run into a little problem in the basement laundry room. I guess I can be thankful that all of the running water, gas, and exhaust pipes are properly functioning but I'd be lying if I said it wasn't killing me that the drain pipes are not in working condition. We've tried so many experiments to try and fix the stupid thing but it the pipes still won't drain correctly. Initially we thought that the pipe didn't have a decent venting system the way we reconfigured it so we switched some things around and attempted to run the same lines as was part of the original design. As it turns out that also didn't work and we had a back up in the floor drain. So we stared at the pipes for a little while, trying to come up with a better idea short of tapping into the cast iron pipe for an attempt at massively increasing the air into our drainage system, and we came up with zero nada 'you lose good day sir'. So last night at about 9ish I broke down and grabbed the phone book.

I know Paul, being the smart handy type, couldn't call a plumber so I opted to do it. I knew he was frustrated and upset about the fact that we'd planned this out and pretty much used every piece of book knowledge and common sense to make this work and it still failed -- so I called Mr. Rooter's. We'll see if they're any good when they come over this afternoon. He/She is probably gonna look at me like "uh, this....well this certainly looks like a homeowner did this." Ugh - I'm trying to stay optimistic but I'm afraid of what the plumber is going to tell me....or rather I'm afraid of the estimate he's going to give me. I just hope it'll all be fixed and ok by the end of this week.

Oh and before I go, I have a new "most disgusting thing I've ever seen"......raw sewage. SICK.

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