Monday, January 10, 2005

Yesterday afternoon I actually wished that I was working instead of having the day off. That was the first time I ever felt that way since I started here nearly 8 months ago. I probably shouldn't be writing this but I feel I have to - this has gone on far too long. I felt betrayed this weekend and apparently I share that feeling with almost everyone who's ever worked here. I hate to be so dramatic, but there is bad blood flowing in this office and I feel it's important that it be exposed rather than avoided.

Let's get one thing straight, I'm not here to take advantage of my father and I don't feel that I've been treated differently because I'm the boss's daughter. If anything my dad's been harder on my brother and I BECAUSE we're blood. So when another person in my company opens their fat mouth and tells my father to lay my brother and I off to save his own ass - some part of me has got to give. I'm so sick of these stupid, childish games. We're teammates not enemies you fool. What did you think - I wasn't going to find out that you said that??

I have no response to such behavior. I can't bring myself to play that stupid little game. If I lose my job, my father will let me know and I'll find something else. But I can almost guarantee it won't be me. You burn your own bridges - you keep diggin deeper and deeper - ask my father to choose between his kids and you - be my guest. In fact, I won't do anything to stop you - that's my promise to you.

I'm so workin my ass off this week. FINALLY I got the motivation to kick some ass!

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