Friday, March 04, 2005

I can't believe it's Friday. This whole week just FLEW by. Ugh, sometimes I really hate saying that because I feel like tomorrow I'm going to wake up and my kids are gonna be in college. That would really suck.

I've traveled around the US in my life but nothing ever really felt like here. Pennsylvania, Florida, Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, Nebraska, N&S Carolina, DC, West Virgina, Georgia, Tennessee, Texas, Arizonia, Colorado, Wyoming, Iowa, Kentucky, California, Minnesota, Nevada, Canada, Jamaica....nope, not like good ole Michigan. I wish that I could be more adventurous and move around the US. Maybe if I win the lotto I could do it. That's it I'm doin it, I'm playin the lotto. I'm so going to win - what's the jackpot up to now? A couple million?

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