Monday, March 07, 2005

Sorry guys, I've been meaning to post pictures of our basement progress but I keep putting it off because we're getting more and more completed every time we go down there. There's a few minor drywall details that we'll probably finish tonight but we got most of the big stuff done. The only rough work stuff that's left is:
--one coat of paint left on the bathroom
--two coats of paint still to go in the storage room
--mud and tape laundry
--prime laundry
--paint laundry

If we're going to be around this weekend, Paul will probably start working on DryLoking the big room now that the barn wood is off the walls.

I'm really hoping we can speed up the project but we'll see how that goes. I might have to deal with it for another couple of months. It kinda worries me though because it seems like everytime I go down there to work, I get sick. I wear this respirator when it gets dusty but sometimes I'm like "eh, I'm painting, I don't have to wear this thing" and then 2 days later, I can't talk because my throat is really dry and soar and my nose is all clogged up. Yea, I know, that's what I get for being stupid but still, my house shouldn't be making me this sick. I can't wait till we're done.

I'll post some progress pictures tomorrow. I know I promised them last week but I'm putting the camera in my bag today so I won't forget. I hope most of you remember the basement because although the before pictures show a lot, they're definitely not like actually being there. Maybe I'll make a little drawing just to explain what we did before you see the pictures......hmm...that's an idea....

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