Friday, April 29, 2005

We started on the flooring in the basement last weekend. It looks fantastic but the floor is uneven so it's a little weird to walk on.

Sometimes I wish I worked more with my hands than my brain. I think it would be nice to come home, tired from physical labor once in a while.

Sometimes I wish I could tell my boss off.

I might do some yard work tomorrow if it's not raining too bad. Other than that, my plan is to wake up, take a nap, read a book, take a nap, watch a little TV, take a nap, and then read until Paul gets home. It's going to be nice.

Memorial Day is this month. Finally, a Monday off - thank God for that......and for all those brave, selfless people in which we remember on Memorial Day....yes.

I'd like to give a shout out to coffee in the morning. I'd probably be sleepin without you buddy.

Does anyone else like that show "The Office"? That show is freakin great. Ever since it started, I can't stop watching it. I love it.

Thursday, April 28, 2005

I feel better today I think. I just found out that there's a consultant test that I might be able to take but I have to research it a little more. I might possibly have to retake my builders exam - I mean, I'm pretty satisfied overall and I feel like I did well for not knowing a whole lot about everything individually but it may not be enough. Who knows at this point. Anyway, so I was told this consultant test is a 4-5 hour long test but it's about roofing. That could really help! I wonder if there's a class or a book I could read and if the test is costly. Hmmmm I'm gonna look it up.

Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Harsh words

I hate it when people insist that cutting my hair isn't a good idea.
I hate it when my father thinks laughing at something I say is going to somehow make things light hearted.
I hate it when I tell person A something and then person B decides what I said wasn't good enough - so person B tells person A to ignore me and do it person B's way.
I hate it when I'm told I get special preference as a member of the boss's family - yea and my ass is made of gold.
I hate it when the printer goes off in my office and I can't hear myself think.
I hate it when I ask to move the loud-ass printer in my office, I'm told the noise isn't a big deal.
I hate it when it's just understood that I'm 23 and I don't know what I'm doing.
I hate it that I'm not REALLY good at anything, just ok at everything.
I hate it that I feel like I have to write this.

I love it that I can fix most of the stuff on my "I hate it when.." lists, by not talking to a single person in the office about anything personal.

Tuesday, April 26, 2005

A girl from my high school class wrote to a few of us yesterday. She said she'd like to have a reunion thing sometime soon and asked if we could send out our info. I had fun with it and sent her something back. I was debating on whether or not I could tell her I was an Nascar Driver and that I took care of my chicken farm on the weekends but ultimately, I decided that wouldn't be cool - she'd only believe that kinda story at the 20 year reunion.

I felt so sick with anxiety from Wednesday to Sunday last week because of that stupid test I had to take on Saturday. I have never, in my 23 years, felt that way about a test before. I mean, I've been nervous but not to the point where I actually felt ill. That's so weird! I don't get it!

Monday, April 25, 2005

I took a test last Saturday. I had to get up at 6am to take it. It snowed 3"+ at my house. I didn't feel good from Thursdayish to Sunday. I have to go to a meeting and it's not even 7:45am.

I am so not going to bore you with any of the blah fest that was this weekend. Ugh!


Friday, April 22, 2005

I am so sleepy this morning. I went to a Contractor's meeting last night and got a little toasted. So now I'm sleepy and my eyes are all kinked and twitchy and stuff from drinking. It's really annoying.

I don't know how I feel about going to those things. It's really just a chance for everyone to puff up his chest, show off the arm candy, and brag about how well they did on the last bid or golf game. Ok well it's not all like that but pretty darn close. Eh I guess I don't mind too much because I like to be all "everyone loves me, I am the best" at times too but I don't know, I think I enjoy talking to humble folks more. The people I'm most interested in are the suppliers though - some don't really know how everything works, they just sell you the products. As a result, a large portion of the conversations I have with them turn into a discussion about Detroit or building or renovating or whatever. Plus, it's like there's this line in this business that no one really crosses - it's like estimators won't seek out suppliers, it'll only happen the other way. No estimator makes the transition to supplier cause that's "backwards" or "down the ladder" - you go to General Contractors cause that's "excelling". I don't really care who you are, if you want to talk about neighborhoods and renovating and shit, I'll talk to you. .. But if you want to gossip about companies or puff up your chest like you're better than the title "roofer" - I'm going home.

I'm disappointed when I see people in this business talk about work as if they're so important. It reminds of the scene in Clerks, when Randall and Dante are sitting in a pile of candy yelling at each other. Sometimes I wish that some of these people realize that we're not that important - we're not "better" than our labor crews - we represent an industry that has one of the worst reputations in construction - we are, whether or not we accept the title, roofers - no matter where we are in this business, we're all the same. I wish most of us could understand that.

Maybe I'm wrong though. Maybe I shouldn't say that. Maybe that arrogance is the only thing some people have to feel like they're important. I don't know, I'm just a roofer.

Wednesday, April 20, 2005

So I had to drive out west yesterday and it sucked ass, royal ass. I left my house at about 6:15am, picked up my dad, went to work, picked up my ladder, and drove all the way to Niles, MI. I don't know if you have ever heard of Niles, Michigan but you can pretty much sum it up in this one quote - taken from a radio station personality broadcasting from the heart of Niles, "Well it's a great day in Michiana today folks, hope you're enjoying it!" That's about the most exciting thing about the last city before South Bend, Indiana. Did I mention it took me four long hours to get there to do an inspection that lasted 15 minutes?? That was the best part.

After that, I got back on the freeway and backtracked for another hour to Kalamazoo. I had another inspection to do at a bank on Whites & Oakland. As soon as I finished that, I left for a meeting in Grand Rapids. I got there about 2-3 minutes late and the architect/consultant (who I've worked with in the past) gives me shit about being late by calling me and saying "well we're gonna get started and I wanted to make sure you're still coming cause it's past two" (it's one minute past two, ass). I really did not care to make any effort to explain that I had been on that side of the state for meetings and inspections all freaking day and didn't even have time to stop and eat anything for lunch because I was non-stop driving. And even though I was pissed because I had talked to him 2 hours prior to the meeting and already told him I was going to be there, at that point, I was so tired that I just flat out refused to do any sort of talking whatsoever.

Finally I got back on the freeway and headed home at about 4pm. I really wanted to go back to Kalamazoo and hang out with a couple of people but after a little over 8 hours of driving, I wasn't in a very hang-out-type mood. When I got home at 6:30, I clicked over to view my trip miles and I'd driven about 530 some miles. That's like driving from Detroit to Kzoo (1 way) just about 4 times in one day.....or it's like driving from Detroit all the way to Nashville, TN (532 Miles) for a total of 2 hours in meetings/inspections.

It sucked, royally.

Monday, April 18, 2005

Friday was good. I worked hard all day then went home and watched a movie. Nothing too exciting.

Saturday, I woke up and could not do a single thing. I mean, I had a list of things that needed to be done but the first step was missing to all of the things on the list. For instance, tall & skinny pieces of drywall could've been put up in the basement but I didn't have any drywall. I had money to go buy more but there's no way I would've been able to get the pieces in my truck let alone my house. I could've also worked on my gardens but no it's not planting season yet. I could've cleaned my house but I scrubed it down last weekend and it stayed super clean. I started to study for my test next weekend but I fell asleep on the couch for about two hours. So all in all, I was completely useless on Saturday and I was a little bothered by it.

Sunday was better though. Sunday, Paul and I picked up some more drywall and lawn stuff at the Depot. We didn't do as much as we normally do when we attack the basement project but we were satisfied with the small amount that we did this time. I think we're pretty tired of loading, cutting, and hanging drywall at this point...which is sad because we still have a lot more to go. It's ok though, we have time. The only people who've popped in to see it, as a partially finished project, are our families - no one else has time I don't think. I understand though, no worries.

Here's an interesting tid bit. In fact, it's interesting enough that I think I'll leave on it. One week from tomorrow, I'll have worked here exactly one year.

Oh god, I'm gonna wake up tomorrow fifty something and menopausal. ewe

Friday, April 15, 2005

I have not been able to stop and take a single breath this week because I've been so damn busy. In fact, I'm borrowing some time right now to write this blog. I'm borrowing time, isn't that sad??? Now I'll probably be 2 seconds late on something really important.

Speaking of importance, it was really important that I wash my hair this morning and I didn't. It's a disaster! I'm glad I don't really have to see anyone today cause if I did, he or she would be like "uuuuuugh, you're hair is sick" and I'd be like "yes, yes I know. I was actually writing about how sick it is on my blog this morning." ewe.

Wednesday, April 13, 2005

I had a few bad moments yesterday and although I don't care to relive them, I'll do it anyway for the sake of the blog entry. :) It all begins with a half ass attempt to get this little project thing done before a busy afternoon of running around and bidding more projects. I was developing this little thing all by computer so my eyes were about ready to fall out of my head and added my lack of desire to finish it in a timely matter was seriously leading to some major slacking off. Anyway, so another estimator walks in and says, "can you go to this meeting? I need you to go cause I have to wait for a doctor's call to see whether or not I have to go in." I nodded, only slightly annoyed for not being able to finish something I probably wasn't going to finish anyway, and proceeded to grab my things and head for my truck. I threw my things in the front seat and then walked right into the edge of the open door. Yes, I walked into an open door and it really hurt. As luck would have it, no one was even around so I felt a little better about being a complete moron. Oh but it gets worse and I shoulda felt it.

I'm now driving to the meeting and I get on the freeway so that I can get right back off 5 seconds later. I'm thinking, "I'm a total idiot, why didn't I just take the surface road? I'm such a dork. Ok, whatever, so I'm not really thinking today, I'm over it, now where's that road?" So all of a sudden I pass this intersection and it doesn't look familiar (and it should) so I swing around and double back to make sure I'm not going crazy and that isn't the road I'm supposed to turn on. I must have blacked out for a second, no wait, a full minute cause for a moment there I thought I was going the right way down this street. BUTTTTTT no I wasn't and I didn't realize it until a few cars started to come at me honking and mouthing the words "what the fuck???" For some odd reason, I didn't notice that there A)wasn't a yellow line seperating two lanes in the road, B)there were signs directing in front of me reading "one way" as I turned the wrong way and C) that I had been traveling the right way through the intersection and I ALREADY knew that it was a one way road. By that point, I was praying to God "oh God I'm a complete and utter moron today - please don't let anyone who just saw that be at this meeting!" Yea, I'm still sitting there in the lane as I'm thinking this. I totally froze in my own stupidity. Eventually, I spun around and headed to the meeting, mortified.

Again, as luck would have it, everyone happened to be a few minutes early and thankfully, missed the whole episode. But then, just as I thought it was over, I was standing with a rep and an owner and they were talking about whether they should keep this building open or closed while they have it reroofed. So I said, knowing I should keep my mouth shut, "it's really going to smell in here if you run kettles outside during the day" and the rep looks at me like, "I know that's why I told you about the fume recovery system dumbass" Again, I was mortified and ready to go back to the office and cry. I had a few bad moments yesterday.

Monday, April 11, 2005

guess i'm doing ok
i moved in with the strangest guy
can you believe
he actually thinks
that i am really alive

i will buy you a garden
where your flowers can bloom
i will buy you a new car
perfect shiny and new
i will buy you that big house
way up in the west hills
i will buy you a new life

yes i will
50% of our office personnel are out either sick or on vacation. I hate that! That means that I'm all the way in the back of the office by myself for the whole entire day. Alone....alone people! I could trip over something and break my arms and legs and no one would know until they (whoever they may be) decided I was important enough to talk to....which is unlikely. I'm gonna go make an appearance just so at least one person knows I'm here. Otherwise someone might call my house and see that I'm not there and then maybe call the police and file a missing persons report......then they'd send out a search party looking for little ole me and then I'd peek out of my office way way way in the back and say hi and then they'd get all mad at me for allowing this to go on without saying anything and then I'd be the most hated person in detroit!

I better walk to the front of the office.......

Friday, April 08, 2005

When you’re brought into this world
They say you’re born in sin
Well at least they gave me something
I didn’t have to steal or have to win
Well they tell me that I’m wanted
Yeah I’m a wanted man
I’m colt in your stable
I’m what cain was to abel
Mister catch me if you can
I’m going down in a blaze of glory
Take me now but know the truth
I’m going down in a blaze of glory
Lord I never drew first
But I drew first blood
I’m no one’s son
Call me young gun
I hate it when it's rainy or things are slow. The "field personnel" come in to the office in the morning and take my parking spot. STOP TAKING MY SPOT!

I swear, if my head was detachable, I'd prolly forget to reattach it at home every morning. I had two things I needed to bring with me today and they're both sitting on the kitchen counter. Yea, it's great it's really great.

I haven't been able to function for the last week. I've been so tired and worn out. I think daylight savings cost me a hour of sleep every night since Sunday. Daylight savings sucks. I'm moving to Indiana.

We put up two and a quarter pieces of drywall last night. It's not much but it's progress I guess. I'm realllllly looking forward to finishing it. I'm pretty sick of going back and forth to home depot or lowes. And I'm beginning to hate just talking about finishing as opposed to actually "finishing".

Wanna know a secret? Ok, I secretly hide a container of non-daily flavored creamer in my desk so my dad's strong ass coffee won't taste like mud. Tee Hee Tee Hee.....don't tell anyone though cause the last time, my creamer was gone in two days. So shhhh, tell no one. ... pfff tee hee tee's a secret.

Thursday, April 07, 2005

I'm not good at anything. I always screw up. I'm never so good that I'm dependable 99.9% of the time. I'm really not that smart.

Over the last few months, I've tried to come up with one damn thing that I'm really good at doing and I can't come up with anything. Yes, I can build, design, draw, sew, decorate, manage, ride motorcycles, garden, whatever....but I'm not really good at any of those individually. Yes, I might know more than some lay person but I'm just average to the people in the sport or hobby or work or whatever. Take motorcycling for example. Some people that I know, know I ride on the weekends during the summer and they've probably seen me ride every now and then on the street. Some of those people may or may not be impressed - I don't know - but I've at least been told that it's pretty cool that I do it. Anyway, so my brothers and my dad tell me that I'm ok and that I'm not very fast but I can do it. I probably would've told them to go to hell by now if I thought they were wrong in saying any of it but they're not and I know it. I'm only average.

Or take sewing for a second example. I can hand sew anything but I've been told the way I do it is completely wrong and backwards. I don't do this or that at the ends, corners, fronts, blah, blah, blah. Anyone truly into sewing would be like "do NOT quit your job and become a seamstress."

Ugh, I'm so frustrated today. I just want to know everything. I wanna be reallly f-in good at something. UGH.

Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Storage and Laundry Room BEFORE. Sorry, this is the only one I have right now - I'll get a hold of more later. This is right after we started building the first walls. Man, was my basement ever clean???? Posted by Hello

The Little Wine Cellar. Posted by Hello

The Doorway is going to be bigger Posted by Hello

New Laundry. Messy. Posted by Hello

New Bathroom. Also Messy. Posted by Hello

Before April 2nd. Messy. Posted by Hello

Before April 2nd. Posted by Hello

It is such a mess down there. Posted by Hello

April 2-3 Posted by Hello

This is the latest.  Posted by Hello

Monday, April 04, 2005

This is definitely where I parked my car. Posted by Hello

This picture should be on a billboard. It should say "Welcome to Ohio" Posted by Hello

Honestly. Posted by Hello

If you happen to be out on a lake riding and you fall in, It costs about ten grand to get your snowmobile out of the water. Just a quick thought. Posted by Hello

bet you could get this one for a steal. Posted by Hello

Kinda looks like a corvette.  Posted by Hello

this guy should really consider going on that show "curb appeal". Posted by Hello

The gym is over hhhheeeerrrreeeeeee...... Posted by Hello

Friday, April 01, 2005

The major construction going on down in my basement is hopefully going to end this weekend. We have to build the new wall around the main room and then we're pretty much done with heavy construction. After that, we have drywall which doesn't really take that long. It's going to be a little tricky though because we might drywall the ceiling too - but my brother is going to help us with that since he suggested it. After that, it's all finishing work; mud and taping, priming, painting, blah blah blah. The only thing that I forsee being the biggest pain in the ass is removing the carpet. Let me tell ya, 20+ year old carpet that has been damaged once or twice with water/sewer backups and padding that turns to a fine dust when you touch it - IS NOT COOL. SO NOT COOL. It smells too.

Speaking of smells, did I talk about the time Adam and I went to the dump? Well, Paul and I were using my uncle's dump trailer to clear out all the basement trash during the demolition portion of our renovation. About two weeks ago, Adam and I found out that my uncle needed his trailer back so we had to hurry up and dump it before the weekend. So on that Friday, he and I left work kinda early, raced back to my house, hooked up the trailer, and jumped in the truck. The place wasn't too far from my house but it closed at 4:30 and it was 4:10 when we left my house. We drove as fast as we could and called them three or four times to beg them to stay open for a few extra minutes. Finally, we rolled into the gates - it was exactly 4:30. We paid for a few more yards of trash than what we actually had but as far as I could see, it was $65 well spent. We started to drive up the side of the hill and quickly realized that there probably isn't very many normal heavy duty pick up trucks that drive up to dump because the ruts in this road, on a rainy day, could bury the truck....literally. We were so lucky we didn't get stuck.

Anyways, so we got out and tipped the trailer so it would dump and this guy leans out of the dozer - which is a machine the size of my house mind you - and screams at us for dumping so late and that he's already crushed his load and he's doing this out of the kindness of his heart and blah blah blah. I considered giving him a tip for his time but I wasn't even gonna attempt to stop his dozer let alone get close enough to try. So we scooted out of there and stopped at the gate again. We tried to tip the dude in the dozer by leaving a couple bucks with the guy at the gate but the gate guy told us to keep our money. I guess the dozer dude is a total ass and wouldn't be with the company if it wasn't for his big shot brother. The gate guy told us he was gonna yell at the dozer dude for treating us badly. He also told us that they're open till 4:30 and the dozer dude doesn't technically stop working until 5 anyway.

Overall, the dump really wasn't that bad but Adam definitly needed to wash his truck after we dropped off the trailer. It seriously smelled like poo. Burning poo when it hit his exhaust pipe and baked by the heat - it was gross. It was quite an experience.