Monday, April 11, 2005

50% of our office personnel are out either sick or on vacation. I hate that! That means that I'm all the way in the back of the office by myself for the whole entire day. Alone....alone people! I could trip over something and break my arms and legs and no one would know until they (whoever they may be) decided I was important enough to talk to....which is unlikely. I'm gonna go make an appearance just so at least one person knows I'm here. Otherwise someone might call my house and see that I'm not there and then maybe call the police and file a missing persons report......then they'd send out a search party looking for little ole me and then I'd peek out of my office way way way in the back and say hi and then they'd get all mad at me for allowing this to go on without saying anything and then I'd be the most hated person in detroit!

I better walk to the front of the office.......

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