Friday, April 22, 2005

I am so sleepy this morning. I went to a Contractor's meeting last night and got a little toasted. So now I'm sleepy and my eyes are all kinked and twitchy and stuff from drinking. It's really annoying.

I don't know how I feel about going to those things. It's really just a chance for everyone to puff up his chest, show off the arm candy, and brag about how well they did on the last bid or golf game. Ok well it's not all like that but pretty darn close. Eh I guess I don't mind too much because I like to be all "everyone loves me, I am the best" at times too but I don't know, I think I enjoy talking to humble folks more. The people I'm most interested in are the suppliers though - some don't really know how everything works, they just sell you the products. As a result, a large portion of the conversations I have with them turn into a discussion about Detroit or building or renovating or whatever. Plus, it's like there's this line in this business that no one really crosses - it's like estimators won't seek out suppliers, it'll only happen the other way. No estimator makes the transition to supplier cause that's "backwards" or "down the ladder" - you go to General Contractors cause that's "excelling". I don't really care who you are, if you want to talk about neighborhoods and renovating and shit, I'll talk to you. .. But if you want to gossip about companies or puff up your chest like you're better than the title "roofer" - I'm going home.

I'm disappointed when I see people in this business talk about work as if they're so important. It reminds of the scene in Clerks, when Randall and Dante are sitting in a pile of candy yelling at each other. Sometimes I wish that some of these people realize that we're not that important - we're not "better" than our labor crews - we represent an industry that has one of the worst reputations in construction - we are, whether or not we accept the title, roofers - no matter where we are in this business, we're all the same. I wish most of us could understand that.

Maybe I'm wrong though. Maybe I shouldn't say that. Maybe that arrogance is the only thing some people have to feel like they're important. I don't know, I'm just a roofer.

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