Wednesday, April 13, 2005

I had a few bad moments yesterday and although I don't care to relive them, I'll do it anyway for the sake of the blog entry. :) It all begins with a half ass attempt to get this little project thing done before a busy afternoon of running around and bidding more projects. I was developing this little thing all by computer so my eyes were about ready to fall out of my head and added my lack of desire to finish it in a timely matter was seriously leading to some major slacking off. Anyway, so another estimator walks in and says, "can you go to this meeting? I need you to go cause I have to wait for a doctor's call to see whether or not I have to go in." I nodded, only slightly annoyed for not being able to finish something I probably wasn't going to finish anyway, and proceeded to grab my things and head for my truck. I threw my things in the front seat and then walked right into the edge of the open door. Yes, I walked into an open door and it really hurt. As luck would have it, no one was even around so I felt a little better about being a complete moron. Oh but it gets worse and I shoulda felt it.

I'm now driving to the meeting and I get on the freeway so that I can get right back off 5 seconds later. I'm thinking, "I'm a total idiot, why didn't I just take the surface road? I'm such a dork. Ok, whatever, so I'm not really thinking today, I'm over it, now where's that road?" So all of a sudden I pass this intersection and it doesn't look familiar (and it should) so I swing around and double back to make sure I'm not going crazy and that isn't the road I'm supposed to turn on. I must have blacked out for a second, no wait, a full minute cause for a moment there I thought I was going the right way down this street. BUTTTTTT no I wasn't and I didn't realize it until a few cars started to come at me honking and mouthing the words "what the fuck???" For some odd reason, I didn't notice that there A)wasn't a yellow line seperating two lanes in the road, B)there were signs directing in front of me reading "one way" as I turned the wrong way and C) that I had been traveling the right way through the intersection and I ALREADY knew that it was a one way road. By that point, I was praying to God "oh God I'm a complete and utter moron today - please don't let anyone who just saw that be at this meeting!" Yea, I'm still sitting there in the lane as I'm thinking this. I totally froze in my own stupidity. Eventually, I spun around and headed to the meeting, mortified.

Again, as luck would have it, everyone happened to be a few minutes early and thankfully, missed the whole episode. But then, just as I thought it was over, I was standing with a rep and an owner and they were talking about whether they should keep this building open or closed while they have it reroofed. So I said, knowing I should keep my mouth shut, "it's really going to smell in here if you run kettles outside during the day" and the rep looks at me like, "I know that's why I told you about the fume recovery system dumbass" Again, I was mortified and ready to go back to the office and cry. I had a few bad moments yesterday.

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