Friday, April 08, 2005

I hate it when it's rainy or things are slow. The "field personnel" come in to the office in the morning and take my parking spot. STOP TAKING MY SPOT!

I swear, if my head was detachable, I'd prolly forget to reattach it at home every morning. I had two things I needed to bring with me today and they're both sitting on the kitchen counter. Yea, it's great it's really great.

I haven't been able to function for the last week. I've been so tired and worn out. I think daylight savings cost me a hour of sleep every night since Sunday. Daylight savings sucks. I'm moving to Indiana.

We put up two and a quarter pieces of drywall last night. It's not much but it's progress I guess. I'm realllllly looking forward to finishing it. I'm pretty sick of going back and forth to home depot or lowes. And I'm beginning to hate just talking about finishing as opposed to actually "finishing".

Wanna know a secret? Ok, I secretly hide a container of non-daily flavored creamer in my desk so my dad's strong ass coffee won't taste like mud. Tee Hee Tee Hee.....don't tell anyone though cause the last time, my creamer was gone in two days. So shhhh, tell no one. ... pfff tee hee tee's a secret.

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