Friday, April 01, 2005

The major construction going on down in my basement is hopefully going to end this weekend. We have to build the new wall around the main room and then we're pretty much done with heavy construction. After that, we have drywall which doesn't really take that long. It's going to be a little tricky though because we might drywall the ceiling too - but my brother is going to help us with that since he suggested it. After that, it's all finishing work; mud and taping, priming, painting, blah blah blah. The only thing that I forsee being the biggest pain in the ass is removing the carpet. Let me tell ya, 20+ year old carpet that has been damaged once or twice with water/sewer backups and padding that turns to a fine dust when you touch it - IS NOT COOL. SO NOT COOL. It smells too.

Speaking of smells, did I talk about the time Adam and I went to the dump? Well, Paul and I were using my uncle's dump trailer to clear out all the basement trash during the demolition portion of our renovation. About two weeks ago, Adam and I found out that my uncle needed his trailer back so we had to hurry up and dump it before the weekend. So on that Friday, he and I left work kinda early, raced back to my house, hooked up the trailer, and jumped in the truck. The place wasn't too far from my house but it closed at 4:30 and it was 4:10 when we left my house. We drove as fast as we could and called them three or four times to beg them to stay open for a few extra minutes. Finally, we rolled into the gates - it was exactly 4:30. We paid for a few more yards of trash than what we actually had but as far as I could see, it was $65 well spent. We started to drive up the side of the hill and quickly realized that there probably isn't very many normal heavy duty pick up trucks that drive up to dump because the ruts in this road, on a rainy day, could bury the truck....literally. We were so lucky we didn't get stuck.

Anyways, so we got out and tipped the trailer so it would dump and this guy leans out of the dozer - which is a machine the size of my house mind you - and screams at us for dumping so late and that he's already crushed his load and he's doing this out of the kindness of his heart and blah blah blah. I considered giving him a tip for his time but I wasn't even gonna attempt to stop his dozer let alone get close enough to try. So we scooted out of there and stopped at the gate again. We tried to tip the dude in the dozer by leaving a couple bucks with the guy at the gate but the gate guy told us to keep our money. I guess the dozer dude is a total ass and wouldn't be with the company if it wasn't for his big shot brother. The gate guy told us he was gonna yell at the dozer dude for treating us badly. He also told us that they're open till 4:30 and the dozer dude doesn't technically stop working until 5 anyway.

Overall, the dump really wasn't that bad but Adam definitly needed to wash his truck after we dropped off the trailer. It seriously smelled like poo. Burning poo when it hit his exhaust pipe and baked by the heat - it was gross. It was quite an experience.

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