Wednesday, April 20, 2005

So I had to drive out west yesterday and it sucked ass, royal ass. I left my house at about 6:15am, picked up my dad, went to work, picked up my ladder, and drove all the way to Niles, MI. I don't know if you have ever heard of Niles, Michigan but you can pretty much sum it up in this one quote - taken from a radio station personality broadcasting from the heart of Niles, "Well it's a great day in Michiana today folks, hope you're enjoying it!" That's about the most exciting thing about the last city before South Bend, Indiana. Did I mention it took me four long hours to get there to do an inspection that lasted 15 minutes?? That was the best part.

After that, I got back on the freeway and backtracked for another hour to Kalamazoo. I had another inspection to do at a bank on Whites & Oakland. As soon as I finished that, I left for a meeting in Grand Rapids. I got there about 2-3 minutes late and the architect/consultant (who I've worked with in the past) gives me shit about being late by calling me and saying "well we're gonna get started and I wanted to make sure you're still coming cause it's past two" (it's one minute past two, ass). I really did not care to make any effort to explain that I had been on that side of the state for meetings and inspections all freaking day and didn't even have time to stop and eat anything for lunch because I was non-stop driving. And even though I was pissed because I had talked to him 2 hours prior to the meeting and already told him I was going to be there, at that point, I was so tired that I just flat out refused to do any sort of talking whatsoever.

Finally I got back on the freeway and headed home at about 4pm. I really wanted to go back to Kalamazoo and hang out with a couple of people but after a little over 8 hours of driving, I wasn't in a very hang-out-type mood. When I got home at 6:30, I clicked over to view my trip miles and I'd driven about 530 some miles. That's like driving from Detroit to Kzoo (1 way) just about 4 times in one day.....or it's like driving from Detroit all the way to Nashville, TN (532 Miles) for a total of 2 hours in meetings/inspections.

It sucked, royally.

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