Thursday, May 26, 2005

I am a sucker for dates man. I went out on a date the other night with a friend - it wasn't a date for me, it was for her but she wanted me to go with her cause she didn't really know the guy. So I went and my immediate impression of this guy was: cute, looks young but over 21, shy, and a freaking giant at six and a half feet tall. Anyway, so after listening to my bud talk to him for a while, I realized that maybe I shouldn't be sitting next to them eavesdropping cause I was starting to look like a butchy bodyguard drinkin beer and watchin the game. So I figured my friend would be fine and maybe this guy would feel more comfortable if I went to sit at the bar - so I made my way over. A few minutes later, they show up and take the seats next to me. I love that. Cause then I can be like "ok, I made the effort not to eavesdrop but now I'm going to have to listen, record, and store this conversation in a black vault to be referenced back to only if you're a weenie." It's great. Ha.

He seems like a nice guy though. you know that guy from Slackers who always wears a back pack, who blackmailed the cheater guys, and who had a 'hair doll'? Yea, he's nothing like that. Or the cheater guys. He's nothing like anyone in that movie now that I think about it. Anyway, :) so I was all stupid excited cause I went out on a date but not really cause I wasn't really part of the date. I used to love first and second dates back in the day - so new, so exciting, so bold, so young. I'm such a sucker man.

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