Monday, May 09, 2005

I wish I didn't have to go to work today. I had such a nice weekend it's a shame it's over. I had such a wonderful time enjoying the gorgeous weather and getting some things done around the house that I hoped the power went out at the office so that I could come home and continue working on my house. I'm sad. :)

Saturday I removed all of the green leafy plants from the little garden in the middle of the lawn. Although it took me a full hour to finish, I felt so relieved because those stupid hairy, unkept looking plants were FINALLY out of my garden. I hated those stupid things. Anyway, so after clearing out that whole little section, I went to HD and picked up a flat and a Dogwood. It took me about fourty five minutes to pick out the Dogwood cause I couldn't decide whether I wanted a 6' pink tree or a 25' white flower tree. I picked the 25' only because it was only going to grow 25' if A) I planted it right or B) in 20 years. Then I picked up a flat of white flowers - ok I know it's about 2-3 weeks early but I couldn't resist. So when I got home, I planted my tree and a few bulbs and a few white flowers. After that, the whole day brightened up. It was like all the stress that I had building from a really tough week disappeared in the glory that was my bare little Dogwood tree. It was crazy.

Sunday, Paul and I went food shopping for the first time in weeks. After we put it all away, he went to work on the lawn and I cooked up a couple of dishes to take over to his parent's place for Mother's Day. I could not stop laughing at my mess of a cake and Paul wasn't helping, trying his best to call it a wonderful work of art that looked delicious in every way. I almost fell over. Oh I should post a picture of it. Paul's like "yea, just put more icing on it! You know, icing IS a lot like a way....sorta.." So I've got this double layered disaster, covered in yellow and white icing, sitting in the 'ole ice box to keep it from falling over. I was so embarrassed! Why do my cakes always turn out crappy???!!

Overall the weekend was good. I wish I had today off too but alas, I cannot. I need money. I'm seriously considering having a trash dude come over and remove all of the building scraps from my basement so I can get back to workin on it. Ah paying for someone else to do it, that's such a wonderful feeling. :)

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