Friday, May 06, 2005

I've been so stressed out and so tired for the last two nights - I've come home and slept from 5-8 after work, then back to sleep at 10 for the night. I can't believe it. I was really hoping to work out this week and I didn't - I slept instead. I sleep entirely too much.

have you ever felt like you've watched yourself do something? like you're detached from your body for a second? I feel like that at work sometimes. I got 'beat up' by this customer on Tuesday about this repair quote that I gave him. He proceeded to drill me for about an hour on how my repair quote was double the price of another company and that my replacement quote was three times the price of another company too. I did my damnest to tell him that my repair quote included repeat visits, warranty, damn good products, and great service - and this other company didn't include it. And then, he told me that my price for replacement was incredibly high but I fought back and told him that it was a BUDGET number of course I was going to be high - and that the system that I quoted was the BEST system in the industry and he was comparing my price to the cheapest system in the industry. I was like "dude, you're comparing a Volvo to a Daewoo, what the hell did you think you were gonna pay?" Then he's all "well I only need a system that works" and I was all like "I apologize sir, I got the impression you wanted something with low maintenance and would be worth the investment." He was all "ugh! well, I'm an asshole" ---- ok, so that's not really how it went but kinda. I swear he was just out to give me a hard time and try to get me to drop my price. I looked at him like "dude, you get what you pay for"

then for the whole hour I went through this, he kept trying to get me to talk about the other companies I was up against. Now I know something awful about each one of the other contractors but I'm totally stonewalling. I wouldn't want some other company to dog me in front of a customer so I say nothing. He realizes he ain't getting nothin so he starts telling me that I'm the expert and I'm supposed to be teaching him - but he's still arguing with me about my work.

I was going to lose one way or another as soon as I walked into the place. I'm competing against cheap companies who don't follow the National Roofing Contractors Association's guidelines for good roofing practices, I'm pitching the best system on the market, and I'm my guys are excellent roofers. This guy tells me I'm the expert but then tells me I'm an idiot for thinking that's what he's going to pay. Yes, he's right though, I was an idiot for arguing over three hundred dollars profit. if you're out there dude "out of all the other companies you got quotes from, I was the best - and you just ain't worth my time"

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