Friday, May 27, 2005

JoeD and Heather are coming over tonight! Yea!

Dude I cannot believe your still friends with me after all these years. I've compiled a list of crap we've done to each other that would've stopped normal people from being friends.....

1. You spent almost every waking moment with K and I, in our dorm room, freshman year.
2. You totally copied my hammock idea.
3. JGP convinced you he was irish - and that he celebrates the same holidays as Americans.
4. I think I was the one who told you Jon was hawaiian.
5. Jeff and I had to carry you all the way to your dorm room after getting drunk and passing out in the hallway.
6. The little red fire truck.
7. Foster.
8. Dick Baker's class. Sorry dude, that was brutal.
9. The glorious invention of the Double Bunk King Size Dorm Sleeping Quarters - which Jen and I loved but made me think I was gonna die cause one of the beds on the bottom was the 'modified' one.
10. The little green shack attack.
11. You randomly showing up at the house, you randomly showing up at both dorms, you randomly showing up at the apartment.
12. Non-stop fighting.
13. Whooops engine mounts fell out of your car and the steering wheel is smoking
14. Cigar shared between Jen, you, and I - 50 feet from Zimmerman.

I can't wait til you guys get married. Invited or not, I'm bringin the shenanigans. Crap....Heather, you and I have to do something embarrassing - we need to bring you up to speed!

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