Monday, May 23, 2005

Paul and I had a super work weekend. On Saturday, we ripped out all of the evergreen shrubs in the front garden, dug up and moved the three round shrubs, moved a tree back 3 feet, and replanted four boxwood shrubs, two flowering shrubs, and about twenty five perennials......and that was just in the front. In the back, we replanted the three round shrubs that we dug up in the front and I put in about twenty some more perennials in the back gardens. It was cool. This guy stopped by as we were ripping out the old plants in the front and asked if we knew of any garage sales going on. Then he's like "whoa, some people might get upset wit chu for moving all that stuff. But that's ok, I ain't mad at cha, you do what makes you happy. You have a good day nah." It was cute.

Everybody was outside this weekend. It was cool. My neighborhood is like those ones out of those old TV shows - like Leave it to Beaver or something - but less creepy and wholesome. It's more like: Little Johnny likes to hang out in his car, in the next door neighbor's driveway, talking to girls. Bobby Sue and all of her mid-life crisis friends like to hang out in the hot tub on the edge of the driveway and talk about men. Mary Jane and her mom work on the front garden across the street - every once in a while they'll stop and evaluate, then rest on the first step of the porch. Work Addicts, Jim and Jane, live a few houses down and have recently finished a total landscape facelift to their house in one short weekend. Neighbors, Nate Dave and Chelsea, mowed the lawn while we watched and tried to come up with a plan to find out if Nate Dave's name was Nate, Dave, or Steve...or maybe Kyle...we don't know. A few lawns away, we can hear John Deer mowing his lawn for the third time this week and a few lawns from there, kids are playing. No one waves and no one talks, we just smile at each other like dorks. We all work on our lawns and gardens and occasionally stare at each other .... like dorks. :) It's fun.

We started breaking up the stairs this weekend too. We didn't get much done because we were so tired but we'll have it done this week I think. I'll have pictures. Ugh, the wood was all rotted out and smelled baaaad. It was nasty. Not cool.

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