Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Back in July or August of last year, there was a civil suit against Paypal for unfairly freezing customer accounts and causing some financial and emotional havoc amongst it's customers. The class action suit was filed by both former and active Paypal members whom, as of just recently, were awarded 9.25 million dollars in a massive settlement. It just so happens that I heard about the suit back when it was filed and as a qualified member, I registered myself as part of the class action. I got my check in the mail yesterday. I got $25,000.00.........I'm just kidding I really didn't get that much. Out of 9.25 million, lawyers and court fees would've taken around say 35% of the settlement - which leaves us with approximately 6 million smackeroos. Now this is just a rough estimate but judging by what I got less the cost of the check (which they did in fact deduct) that comes to a little over 411,000 total users involved in the suit. Some websites say that some people got more than what I did depending on the degree of loss experienced from Paypal so that skews the numbers a little but still .... that's a whole lot of people.

Anyhoo- so I saw Gangs of New York last night. It was good but I couldn't stop thinking about the Native dude, Bill. He was such a good actor. He made the movie entertaining more than anyone I think. I love that guy who turns into the policeman - he was in Chicago and another one I can't remember the name of. Oh Oh and I love that the guy "Tommay" (from Snatch) is in it too. I love those guys, they're soo good. I'm not really into the whole Leo thing but he was pretty awesome too. I wish I could act. If I could act, I'd practice all the time....but not too much cause that would annoy people I think. I could fall down, then stand up and say "ah ha! I was acting!" That would be fun.

Tuesday, June 28, 2005

MGM Studios vs. Grokster, 04-480
March 4th 2005

The issue in this case is whether the developers of peer-to-peer file sharing software can be held liable under copyright laws if their software is used by some consumers to exchange copyrighted materials even though it also has substantial non-infringing uses that are likely to grow over time. The position taken by the Court below, and by the ACLU in its amicus brief, is that copyright enforcement should be targeted at those who actually violate the copyright laws and not at software developers, and that stifling technological development will ultimately diminish the marketplace of ideas on the Internet.


This is kinda funny actually. We've already determined that downloading copyrighted material is of course, terribly terribly wrong in all legal, moral, and practical senses. Now users on the ball allegorically saying "yea, it's your fault too, you started it" and raging conservatives are cramping their fingers from pointing WAY too often on this issue --- by declaring war on software developers. Listen folks, just because people use the internet to create kiddie porn, pro-terrorism, or "i love guns" websites for other people doesn't mean the internet as a whole is to blame. The internet, just like peer-to-peer, is a medium developed for free information exchange and people abused it --- but Al Gore isn't punished because some people decided to pass around a raunchy online video shot of Paris Hilton.

But wait........if the developers intention in creating peer-to-peer was to exchange copyrighted material - then they could very well be responsible for violating copyright laws.....and for my utter disgust with the fact that I have to buy a whole stupid CD when I just wanted one song! But anyhoo, so yea they might hold some culpability. You can't just say that your software is meant for good file sharing and pretend that copyright infringement isn't going on -- the people had to know that the main use of their product was for song sharing. I mean come on, you can't pretend after so long that song sharing with your software wasn't the main craze. Come on.

Monday, June 27, 2005

We invited the in-laws over for dinner last night and for the most part, everything was terrific. The only downside to having dinner at my house in the middle of the summer is the heat - and since I don't have AC in my house, you can see where this could be problematic. To make matters worse, last night was extremo hot with no breeze. Ugh, it was uncomfortable to say the least. BUT the company was good so it didn't seem to matter much.

Friday, June 24, 2005

It just so happens that the day my brother and I have to go out and evaluate a couple of roofs, it's the hottest f-in day of the year. I mean sweat was just pouring down my face and I'm convinced I was literally baking in the sun. Anyway, so as I'm taking one of the many pictures of this one area, I turn around too quickly without looking and I crack my head into the top of a wall. I'm not talking like a wall wall that goes up like 20 some feet, I'm talking about another roof area wall. Like I'm standing on the low roof and the one that I smacked my head into is about 5'5" higher than the one I'm standing on. Yea so to make things worse, I banged my head into a metal gravel stop on the edge of the wall. I've got the biggest scrape/bump/bruise on my left temple because I'm a total moron and thought that if I rush pictures, we can get out of the heat faster. Oh it hurts!

Thursday, June 23, 2005

I love how some people just don't get computers. Like our chief estimator used to yell at the computer screen cause he couldn't print something out correctly....Then he's just like "Jackie? Jackie, get in here!" It's so funny. I laugh on the inside.

Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Oh my god. I can listen to Live 97.1 Streaming on my computer. This is so freakin cool. I can also listen to Chicago, LA, and San Fran news live. This is so great. This is so great.

Monday, June 20, 2005

I am so hungry right now. My brother is driving my parents up to Lexington ( in the thumb), the chief estimator is out of the office, and there isn't anyone else here that can answer the phones. I am sooooo hungry. If I were any more hungrier, I would eat my shoe. Ewe, that would so not be tastey.

Hurry up someone! I don't want to eat my shoe!

Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Dear Blog,

As I write this, my hands shake on each key of my keyboard. My eyes are scarlet red and I can feel the hot, wet, salty tears stream down the side of my cheek. I can't keep doing this. I can't ever let them know that I'm hurt. Why do people think that I double as a doormat?

I used to have this crazy idealistic notion that the world was fair, just, and right. I whole heartedly believed that there were only a few unlucky people in this world that just happened to be bad apples and that all was good if I just avoided them. Blog, I had faith in the good people of this world. Today I've lost it.

I wish I could show you the difference in how people treat me versus how people treat my brother. I wish I could simply explain to you how painful it is to have someone treat you as if you were less of a person because of who you are and what you do. I wish you could just feel it....just for a second. I wish you could know how it feels to be me, right now.

About an hour ago, I was on the phone with an owner discussing the fact that a manufacturer's representative does not retain the power of attorney for my company and that a legally binding contract between his company and mine has not officially been withdrawn, thus our contract is still binding. He advised me that although he has now two official contracts for the same project, I should ball my contract up and throw it away because he's expecting another contractor to complete his roofing project. He was certainly not apologetic but he quickly said "I'm sorry" and hung up before I could say one word.

Blog, imagine this happening to you every time you bid on a project. People go out of their merry way to leave you in the dust. People who would rather deal with your father than you. People who would rather deal with your brother than you. People who laugh in a bid meeting because one of the roof access doors is in the men's bathroom. People who tell you "this is really a job for a man" and hang up. People who make it quite clear to say "welcome gentlemen to the blah project" while they staring at you as you walk in.

I believed in equality once. I had faith that people were mature enough to handle the concept of equality. I actually thought that the world could be fair.

I've been told that I have tough skin and that I should just let those "idiots" roll off my shoulders. ... Most always, I agree......but a fighter can only fight so long before her knees give out and her arms start aching.

I've lost faith today. I'm tired of fighting.

Monday, June 13, 2005

I saw mr. & mrs. smith this weekend. I didn't really like it as much as I thought I would. I tell ya though, I am becoming less and less of a Brad Pitt fan. I don't know, he's just not as fantastic as I once thought he was. It might just be me getting old though. I really liked the movie The Longest Yard mostly because there is quite a few shots of shirtless, muscular, sweaty, beefy men playing sports or lifting. Goldberg and Stone Cold were hot in that movie too except Stone Cold was racey - which wasn't that cool. Mmmm mmm mmm a couple of those basketball players had some killer bodies too. It was nice. I'll probably buy it when it comes out.

Now that makes me feel old. When I left the theater thinking that I'd love to have those guys come over and play shirts and skins in my backyard in the rain, I felt like one of those ladies. You know, the ones on tv shows or movies who are yelling and screaming at the dancing guys on stage. They're all mid to late forties - shakin their dollars at the gross nasty guys in G-strings. Ugh, I'm old. Whatever, I'm still buying the movie when it comes out. :)

My husband and I were watching Britney Spears last night on her show. There was nothing else on all of the direct tv channel system that was even remotely interesting to watch so we're like "let's do it, let's watch britney spears". So we did and we had to change it back to C-Span after 5 minutes. It was all ok until she said "Our sex is so good - I've had sex like 3 times today - it is so good - that's why i'm like glowing." After that it was easy cheese (ok until you realize that it's cheese....from a can). Anyway, so I looked over at my hub and I was "I guess I don't blame her, I mean if I was britney spears, i'd probably do it three times a day too." He looks back at me with this look on his face. He says "if I was married to britney spears, i'd probably do it three times a day too." I laughed.

Friday, June 10, 2005

I'm the only one in the office today....I'm left to run the office by myself. No seriously, I'm the administrative myself, I'm the boss, the project manager, the cheif estimator, the accountant, and the superintendent. So far I'm doing pretty well - at least according to my weekly review - which was performed by the boss - who is me. :) What? What's that? I'm getting a raise? Awesome! No way, I could not take the next three weeks off.....well ok if you insist. And it's going to be paid vacation? Wow! I am the greatest boss ever!

Thursday, June 09, 2005

When are the mistakes going to stop?

Wednesday, June 08, 2005

I stopped drinking pop on the way to work in the morning and now I can't keep my eyes open.

That's it, I need coffee.

Tuesday, June 07, 2005

So I did something today that made me feel really, really good. I never thought that I would ever have enough courage to do this - I mean not in a million bagillion years - but I did.

It all started when I got a call from one of my foreman at lunch. He was finishing a job and needed a last minute detail taken care of by the end of the day. I grabbed my dad, took care of the stupid detail, and then headed over to the site to check out what was going on. My dad all of a sudden gets into this screaming match with one of the foreman and things almost get out of control. Luckily, my dad isn't the kind of person to take these type of arguments personally so things end up cooling off after about 20 minutes. It's just business, you know?

Anyway, so on the way back to the office, him and I are talking about how bad the construction industry is doing and how we need to change some strategies if we want to keep our doors open. That then leads us to a conversation about a particular person and things take a sour turn. I told my dad that this guy doesn't like me, that I don't care that he doesn't like me, and that I constantly have to go around him if I want to get any work done. I also told him that I don't mind doing extra work if it means that my shit is going to get done correctly and that although I'll make the effort, if this particular person catches on that I'm going around him, he'll bury me like everyone else before me. I didn't want to be bad mouthing someone but I wasn't going to stand around and take it anymore. My dad, for the first time, actually agreed with me instead of feeding me the crappy "you should've done this" or "you should've done that" bullshit.

After that, I suggest that I might be gunning for an opportunity to take over operations. He laughs, he smiles, and then he realizes that I'm not joking. From then on, the conversations go like this....and I'm serious - word for all awesome word:

He starts:
"Jack, you can't....I'm not trying to offend you, but it's a man's business and I don't think.....well...." blah blah blah for 20 seconds....
"dad. I see that your talking but all I hear is you shoveling shit." (I seriously said my dad)
"I'm not shoveling.....I'm not......the guys feel that they can talk to me cause I've worked out in the field, I think they can understand me and have like......guy talk .... you know about their wives"
"I don't think so"
"what? what do you mean?"
"dad, they're loyal to you because they feel that they can talk to you without the threat of getting fired"
"yea that's probably true"
"uh it is dad"

"well, I'll do you one better than my dad, I'll keep an open dad didn't do that when he ran it but I'll say what my dad said to's my company and I'll do what I want"
"not for too much longer"
"well, how many women do you see in this business who are superintendents let alone estimators...not too many huh?"
"dad, no one, man or woman, wants to work in this business as a whole"
"yea well you don't see many do ya?"
"you do now"


If you're gonna come out, come out guns a blazin I guess.

Monday, June 06, 2005

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We went biking this weekend but we couldn't all go at once. One of the bikes wanted to be difficult so I took stayed behind and let Paul use my bike. I figured he'd needed more trail time than I did - he's only been three times so far ever. So I grabbed my folding chair, popped the clips on my boots, cracked open a beer, and watched the empty trails for the 20-25 minutes they were gone. I ended up going for a short ride in the afternoon so it wasn't a total wasted weekend for me....which was cool.

Other than that, the weekend was pretty calm. We didn't ride on Sunday but I didn't care about that either. I've been on cloud nine since last Friday because I bought a new bike. Yes, a brand new 2005 Honda CRF230. I absolutely cannnnnnnnot believe it. I'm picking it up on the way to kzoo this weekend. Then, the following weekend, Paul and I are going up north again for three days to go biking. Originally, we were just going up there to relax for three days but he's like "why don't we just go?" so we're going I guess. I don't know, I might not even want to ride it. I might just want to look at it forever. Who knows. Yay.

Thursday, June 02, 2005

It's really strange to know that people actually read and respond to this site. I mean, most of the time I felt like I was talking to myself. Whoa it's weird.

I got a letter in the mail from my law school that said I can increase my tuition discount from 25 to 35% if I'm a Michigan resident. This confuses me slightly. Listing your alma mater (high school and college), address, and work are part of the application process. If I went to high school in michigan, I went to college in michigan, my address is in michigan, and I work in michigan....wouldn't be pretty safe to assume I'm a michigan resident? ...Maybe I shouldn't go to this law school.

I'm going up north this weekend to go biking. I'm only half excited because we're also going to open the cottage up for the summer. Not that you can't use it in the winter cause you can - it just gets musty being closed up to the cold for 4 months. Anyhoo, so that means house work. I hate house work when it's the cottage. No one ever takes care of it but us and we only go up there like 6 times a year. The only reason why we don't go up there more often is because it takes a huge effort to keep it in shape. It's a never ending cycle I swear.

Paul got a bonus yesterday and he says he's going to buy me a new bike. I was like "no you could use it to pay down our bills and then go buy something nice for you" and he was like "ok. bills, maybe somethin for me, AND a bike." I was shocked. He gets a bonus and he wants to spend in on a new toy for me. Wait...wait..I know why. He wants me to finally get the bike I've talking about for a little over four years and he wants to upgrade too. He'll take the bigger of my bikes and we'll probably sell the other one - if I get a new bike. What a clever boy I married.

Wednesday, June 01, 2005

A lawyer is questioning a doctor on whether or not he took the proper steps befor signing a deceased client's death certificate...
" Did you check the man's pulse?" asked the lawyer.
" No." said the doctor
" Did you check for any other signs that might indicate my client might still be alive?"
" No." said the doctor.
" So you admit that you did not follow the proper steps befor signing the death certificate."
" Well," the doctor explained," I'll put it to you this way. The man's brain was in a jar on my desk, but for all we know he could be out practicing law somewhere."

A man walks into a lawyers office and sits himself down. "How much?"
"$150 for three questions."
"That's quite expensive. Are you any good?"
"The best there is. Now then, what's your third question?"

At the height of happy hour, a drunk stood up and yelled, "All lawyers are assholes."
"Hey, I resent that," a guy at the bar yelled back.
Why?" the first guy asked, "are you a lawyer?"
"No, I'm an asshole."

Q: Why won't sharks attack lawyers?
A: Professional courtesy

Q: You say that the stairs went down to the basement?
A: Yes.
Q: And these stairs, did they go up also?

Q: What is a criminal lawyer?
A: Redundant.

I just wanted a clever way to say that I got into the only law school that I applied to like 7 months ago. Oh yea, and I got an honors scholarship. I haven't decided whether or not to go but for now, I just wanted to say that.