Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Back in July or August of last year, there was a civil suit against Paypal for unfairly freezing customer accounts and causing some financial and emotional havoc amongst it's customers. The class action suit was filed by both former and active Paypal members whom, as of just recently, were awarded 9.25 million dollars in a massive settlement. It just so happens that I heard about the suit back when it was filed and as a qualified member, I registered myself as part of the class action. I got my check in the mail yesterday. I got $25,000.00.........I'm just kidding I really didn't get that much. Out of 9.25 million, lawyers and court fees would've taken around say 35% of the settlement - which leaves us with approximately 6 million smackeroos. Now this is just a rough estimate but judging by what I got less the cost of the check (which they did in fact deduct) that comes to a little over 411,000 total users involved in the suit. Some websites say that some people got more than what I did depending on the degree of loss experienced from Paypal so that skews the numbers a little but still .... that's a whole lot of people.

Anyhoo- so I saw Gangs of New York last night. It was good but I couldn't stop thinking about the Native dude, Bill. He was such a good actor. He made the movie entertaining more than anyone I think. I love that guy who turns into the policeman - he was in Chicago and another one I can't remember the name of. Oh Oh and I love that the guy "Tommay" (from Snatch) is in it too. I love those guys, they're soo good. I'm not really into the whole Leo thing but he was pretty awesome too. I wish I could act. If I could act, I'd practice all the time....but not too much cause that would annoy people I think. I could fall down, then stand up and say "ah ha! I was acting!" That would be fun.


Anonymous said...

HA HA you could act like you were Irish!!

Jack said...

that was awesome.