Monday, June 13, 2005

I saw mr. & mrs. smith this weekend. I didn't really like it as much as I thought I would. I tell ya though, I am becoming less and less of a Brad Pitt fan. I don't know, he's just not as fantastic as I once thought he was. It might just be me getting old though. I really liked the movie The Longest Yard mostly because there is quite a few shots of shirtless, muscular, sweaty, beefy men playing sports or lifting. Goldberg and Stone Cold were hot in that movie too except Stone Cold was racey - which wasn't that cool. Mmmm mmm mmm a couple of those basketball players had some killer bodies too. It was nice. I'll probably buy it when it comes out.

Now that makes me feel old. When I left the theater thinking that I'd love to have those guys come over and play shirts and skins in my backyard in the rain, I felt like one of those ladies. You know, the ones on tv shows or movies who are yelling and screaming at the dancing guys on stage. They're all mid to late forties - shakin their dollars at the gross nasty guys in G-strings. Ugh, I'm old. Whatever, I'm still buying the movie when it comes out. :)

My husband and I were watching Britney Spears last night on her show. There was nothing else on all of the direct tv channel system that was even remotely interesting to watch so we're like "let's do it, let's watch britney spears". So we did and we had to change it back to C-Span after 5 minutes. It was all ok until she said "Our sex is so good - I've had sex like 3 times today - it is so good - that's why i'm like glowing." After that it was easy cheese (ok until you realize that it's cheese....from a can). Anyway, so I looked over at my hub and I was "I guess I don't blame her, I mean if I was britney spears, i'd probably do it three times a day too." He looks back at me with this look on his face. He says "if I was married to britney spears, i'd probably do it three times a day too." I laughed.

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