Friday, June 24, 2005

It just so happens that the day my brother and I have to go out and evaluate a couple of roofs, it's the hottest f-in day of the year. I mean sweat was just pouring down my face and I'm convinced I was literally baking in the sun. Anyway, so as I'm taking one of the many pictures of this one area, I turn around too quickly without looking and I crack my head into the top of a wall. I'm not talking like a wall wall that goes up like 20 some feet, I'm talking about another roof area wall. Like I'm standing on the low roof and the one that I smacked my head into is about 5'5" higher than the one I'm standing on. Yea so to make things worse, I banged my head into a metal gravel stop on the edge of the wall. I've got the biggest scrape/bump/bruise on my left temple because I'm a total moron and thought that if I rush pictures, we can get out of the heat faster. Oh it hurts!

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