Thursday, June 02, 2005

It's really strange to know that people actually read and respond to this site. I mean, most of the time I felt like I was talking to myself. Whoa it's weird.

I got a letter in the mail from my law school that said I can increase my tuition discount from 25 to 35% if I'm a Michigan resident. This confuses me slightly. Listing your alma mater (high school and college), address, and work are part of the application process. If I went to high school in michigan, I went to college in michigan, my address is in michigan, and I work in michigan....wouldn't be pretty safe to assume I'm a michigan resident? ...Maybe I shouldn't go to this law school.

I'm going up north this weekend to go biking. I'm only half excited because we're also going to open the cottage up for the summer. Not that you can't use it in the winter cause you can - it just gets musty being closed up to the cold for 4 months. Anyhoo, so that means house work. I hate house work when it's the cottage. No one ever takes care of it but us and we only go up there like 6 times a year. The only reason why we don't go up there more often is because it takes a huge effort to keep it in shape. It's a never ending cycle I swear.

Paul got a bonus yesterday and he says he's going to buy me a new bike. I was like "no you could use it to pay down our bills and then go buy something nice for you" and he was like "ok. bills, maybe somethin for me, AND a bike." I was shocked. He gets a bonus and he wants to spend in on a new toy for me. Wait...wait..I know why. He wants me to finally get the bike I've talking about for a little over four years and he wants to upgrade too. He'll take the bigger of my bikes and we'll probably sell the other one - if I get a new bike. What a clever boy I married.

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