Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Day 12 : It's not really all that exciting today. I had nothing but salads all day yesterday. I couldn't help it - Paul didn't want to grill at 9:30pm - I mean come on, who doesn't want to grill at 9:30? ;)

I'm seriously awaiting the day I can go back to fruit. I REALLY want like an apple or a banana or something....whatever I can eat, I just want a ripe piece of delicious mmmm fruit. Maybe I'll make a point to go grocery shopping Friday night after work. I'll call it my little grocery celebration. :)

We're supposed to have scattered thunderstorms here today and then it's supposed to get down to 75ish with zero humidity tomorrow. Although, the weather channel has been only half right for the last couple of days so it could be anyone's guess at this point. I wish it would just rain. I wish that within the next couple of hours, we have torrential rain conditions - so it seems like the clouds are being squeezed dry like a sponge. Then I wouldn't care if it was sunny, cloudy, sprinkley, or whatever - just as long as I never have to experience the 80 degree with 90% humidity mornings like this one again. OH it was awful. I felt like I was being steamed at 6am. I thought about calling in sick just so I wouldn't have to take a step outside of my air conditioned bedroom. It was so lame. LAME.

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