Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Day 6 - I'm not sure if you could call it day 5 or day 6 cause I started the diet last Thursday. I guess technically it could be day 5 but whatever. I feel better again today. I woke up this morning ready to go for the second day in a row; without coffee and everything! My cravings for other foods are finally starting to reallllly subside. I mean, I still think about my Wheat Thins but with every day it gets a little better.

I'm into trying new foods now too which is cool. Normally, we'd have spagettii, skillet sensations, or - ick - take out, but since the diet came into play, we have to search to find new foods to eat. I can't explain how cool that feels to actually look in a cookbook for our next meal. Paul is becoming obsessed with the grill too. It seems like we grill everything....ooh and it's gooood too. MMMMM grill.

So after all that, do you want to know how much I lost since last Thursday? 3 lbs. Doesn't seem like a lot at all but imagine if you lost 3 lbs. in 5 days. That's a little over a half a pound a day. You could lose 36 lbs. in two months. I don't know about you but I'd be pretty darn happy if that happened to me. But enough with the speculation; I'm happy I lost 3 - we'll see how the rest comes off. At some point I have to hit a plateau and when I do, it's gonna be that much harder to get to that goal.

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