Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Day 7 - I really wanted a burger last night but I didn't eat one. I actually just wanted the meat and ketchup but I'm not allowed to have the ketchup so I had a pork chop and salad instead. It was good. Paul also bought me Cottage Cheese - which is better than I remember. I haven't had it in years and finally TAH DAH - I'm eating it once again.

I'm craving some good home cooked southern food right now. Cajun crawfish, gumbo, jambalaya, catfish, even grits - ewe grits --- ok nevermind with the grits. I think the only reason that sounds good was because of this show I was watching last night. I caught a couple minutes of the interview with the guy that used to be on the show Dukes of Hazzard. He was saying that the movie shouldn't be viewed because it's all "hoochie coochie". The interview guy was like "wasn't it kinda pushin the envelope back in the day? why is it different from now? they're being as risqué as they were back then" He's like "No it's just not the there." It was funny. Then I thought about food. :-)

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