Friday, July 22, 2005

Day 8 - there are going to be some definite tests this weekend to see whether or not I can stay on this diet. There's a bridal shower and a graduation party, both are going to have good food I know it. It's gonna suck! I betcha they're gonna have something awesome with fruit in it and I'm gonna be like "awe damn it!" It sucks being committed.

I'm getting this urge to go out and do something on my own - like start my own business or get another degree or move or something along those lines. Last year, in my last semester, I got the same type of feeling when I made the decision to go overboard writing my final project in Advanced Crim. I wrote 20 some pages worth of compelling arguments related to female juvenile delinquency and the hypocrisy of the american government in their efforts to alleviate the problem. That wasn't the title but it's close. I covered all aspects of female juvenile delinquency while following the normal chain of events - social/political/economical theory, arrest, court, corrections, treatment, recovery, and new experimental therapy. I had like 15 or more sources that included my own research done in the Circuit Court in downtown Kalamazoo. It was cool.

So I need another project. Something small maybe. I don't know. You ever feel like that sometimes?

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