Monday, July 18, 2005

Oh and I also wanted to say that I started the South Beach Diet last Thursday. I figured I'd tell people just so I could document what's happening with it.....just in case anyone was curious.

Day 5 - I've noticed a change in my dependency towards water. Ever since I forced myself to drink water instead of juice, pop, and any other tastey drink (including beer), my body's been craving water. Who craves water?! That's never happened to me but then again, I've never conciously tried to lose weight before. I miss that part of my life; where I was so active in sports that I didn't have time to gain weight and my legs, arms, and tummy looked fantastic. Over the past few years, I haven't even really noticed the weight come on but now that I'm making the effort to lose it, ugh, I have such a ways to go!

Anyway, back to the diet. My cravings for starch have gone down slightly. I still want fruit more than anything - in fact, that's my main motivation for sticking with this two week hell. By the 28th, I can finally have fruit again! Yes! The first week is tough though. Especially if you like sandwiches for lunch and Wheat Thins for snacks like me. However, every time I get a craving I think of two things:

1. Would I rather have this (Insert Cheat Food Here) than lose a few pounds?
2. Nothing about changing your body will come easy.

Those two things have been my saving grace, let me tell ya. I have not cheated once because of them. It's really really really hard not to cheat so guilty thoughts like this totally help.

I'll post my weight loss soon, prolly tomorrow. I wanted to give myself a few days before I peeked. Peace out till tomorrow.

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