Thursday, August 18, 2005

Big Lou:

I was a child when I first met you. I had to come in to work with my mom and my brother and sister, back when we were in Detroit. My brother and I would play in the sheet metal shop, punching holes through nickels, or in the yard with the pit bulls or on the crane. I'd hear my dad talking about you guys when his voice echoed through the back offices to wherever we were playing. I was 8. Fifteen years later and I've never heard anything but good things about you. It's always about how you're loyal, personable, dedicated and just an overall good man. Everyone seems to be so proud of you, even my dad.

You were a good man. I hope you know that. We're all thinking you're roofing with the angels now. I hope that's true. You will be missed.

Forever peace,
JM Walters

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