Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Grrr. I keep forgetting to email myself pictures! I'll do it when I get home tonight for sure.

I wrote a general contracting company a nasty letter yesterday. I suppose it didn't have to be as loathsome as it was but I couldn't help it, the guy is terribly unprofessional and not to mention dishonest. The owner of the company wrote a letter to my customer saying that after numerous attempts to coordinate his work with my customer and my company, he was forced to hire another roofing contractor to install units on my roof. He also said he got in contact with my manufacturer, sent them photos, and had the roofer install the units per my manufacturer's request.

Ok. First, this is the same contractor who shattered a pane of glass, cut up a glazing guy's arm in the process, and then challenged the injured glazing guy to a fight because he told the Super who actually caused the accident instead lying like the dumb contractor wanted. So this guy doesn't really have a great rep around the site to begin with and now he's trying to blame his problems on my customer and I. Months have already gone by and not once has he called or talked to me on site about what he wanted done on my roof. What a liar! Then in the same letter, he tries to say that he got approval from my manufacturer - what a joke. I've seen his roofer's work and let me tell ya, there's a 99% chance my manufacturer isn't going to approve of your mess of a job.

Ugh. I sent this guy a quote about 8 days before he started the work, he probably found someone cheaper, and now he's trying to cover his ass cause he realized he made a mistake. Hey man, if you make a mistake, that's fine. Everyone makes mistakes. Just don't lie about it and then point a few fingers to make yourself look better.

On a completely different note, the lotto is up to $111 Million today. I've never played before but I'm thinking maybe I might today. The money goes to schools right? And it's what...two bucks to play?

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