Tuesday, August 16, 2005

I deleted a post. I don't really like to do that but I probably shouldn't have put it up there in the first place. I just had a moment of frustration and I wanted to capture it but now that I see it, it was a dumb thing to say.

I had this private book a while back that I bought just for my own personal thoughts. I promised myself that whenever I got really depressed, or excited, or frustrated, or scared, I would write down what I was feeling at that single moment and why I felt the way I did. However, I knew that if anyone found and proceeded to read the contents of that book, I'd have some explaining to do. But for some reason, I felt it was more damaging to myself if I didn't do it.

Anyway, so over a couple of months I had a few pages worth of material and every now and then I'd go back and read through everything I wrote down. The more I read, the more relaxed I felt. Now I know that sounds weird but whenever I would hit kind of a low point, I just wanted to get the situation off my shoulders without causing any drama. Soon enough, I didn't stew over low points anymore. They just became this short tiff that kind of disappeared after a little while. It's cool.

My point is, if I write about some frustrating, offensive, upsetting, or depressing or something along those lines here on this site -- it's ok, by the time I finish typing the post, I'm over it.

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