Monday, August 08, 2005

Ok first off, this weekend was kick ass. Axel, Alisha (sp?) and Lindsay all came up with us, it was freakin great. We were drunk on Friday night, out on the canoes for 4, maybe 5 hours on Saturday and wrapped it all up Sunday morning. Adam, Ed, Paul, and I all went riding on Saturday after canoing and then again Sunday morning.

I'm not sure if I'll bring my bike next year. We drank all night Friday, all day Saturday on the river, and Saturday night after biking. Basically, our muscles were pretty fried by Sunday. So yea, it wasn't the best riding experience I've ever had....but I'll take it.

Speaking of fried, yea. I wore a white "wifebeater" shirt on the river yesterday. The only place on my body I'm burned, is from elbow to up around the inside of the shoulder, wrapping around to just above my shoulder blades -- on both sides. I'm toast. It stings. AND it's sunny out right now and I have to go to a meeting.....on a the sunny hot weather. This sucks.

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