Monday, August 22, 2005

Thank you Dream Cruise. Thank you for making people happy, giving most of detroit a reason to get together, and for only being on one solid weekend out of the whole year. My commute is back to normal again - I can drive home without worrying about getting cut off by some hot rod or losing a front end because someone decided to stop too fast to show off their car. I don't have to stop and wait for 20 minutes while some dude moves his car from the road because it overheated - cause the old car was never intended to be driven up and down a highway at 45 mph in 95 degree weather, for 4 hours. I can finally relax when I'm driving home during rush hour.

I heard this story this morning on the radio and it kinda gives an example of what I was worried about this past week. Yesterday morning, these guys were racing down 59 (a highway not far from where I live). One of the guys stops and another driver slams into the back of the racer causing the dude to have head injuries. That's scary. I mean, last week, that could've happened like a dozen times cause of the stupid hot rods or muscle cars that need to race during rush hour. It totally ruins it for all the people who wait for the weekend to go out. I would hate to run into someone like that. I would probably pass out if that ever happened. Just because the guy was being an idiot doesn't mean that he should have head injuries. I mean, his car should probably be all banged up but not his head. That's not cool.

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