Tuesday, August 23, 2005

This weekend I WILL post pictures I promise. I just want to get the ceiling done before I unveil the progress we've made in the main room. It's gonna be so great.....if you can remember how it was, you'll love how it is now.

Speaking of houses, I know every new homeowner says "oh the house will be so good if only this was done" but it's totally not true. You work on one room and then other rooms look like they need fixing. Then the outside could use a face lift. Then this, then that - as soon as you know it, you've been in the house for 5 years and not once did you stop working on it.

See, last night Paul and I came up with this list of projects scheduled for next year. We're going to:
1. Paint the house or hire someone to paint the house
2. Build an addition onto the deck.
3. Rebuild the porch and steps
4. Install a new tub in the upstairs bathroom
5. Possibly add a/c throughout the house
6. Build one big giant desk in the office (this winter)

The only thing that we had on the list for next year originally, was #3. That's it. Now look at it. That's crazy! Plus, I still have to furnish the basement, get rid of the sand box in the yard, and fix the driveway all before fall starts kickin in! Holy moly - this is gonna be a long 5 years. :-)

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