Monday, September 12, 2005

Went to an awards banquet for Discount Tire Saturday night. I thought my expensive black cocktail dress with a pearl necklace and diamond earrings would be considered "evening wear" but I was quite mistaken. I thought most women would be extremely conservative at this party considering it's hosted by a company that does not even allow employees to have facial hair but nooooooooooo. Apparently it's more or less a Homecoming-ish type formal event with a slight 'did you check out my wife cause she's wicked hot' twist......only not everyone, in real life, was 'wicked hot'.

Yea. There were a few that were desperately trying to look like the "sex kitten" wife but flab was exploding out every curve man. There were some that looked great but oh lord, there were a few that should've been shy that night. What is with that?

The whole show opened with a couple of songs by this great, great choir. I swear if I wasn't a Catholic, I'd be a southern Baptist. I could listen to those people sing all day. They could be singing about tax law and I could listen for hours. The one lady broke out in a solo and I wanted to stand up and dance and be like "oh savior jesus!" but I would've been the only one.

The managers around Detroit are all men. That makes me want to work for Discount more than ever. Paul laughed when I told him that. Then he's like "well there was this one girl who was an assistant manager. The sad thing is, she'll likely never get promotion to manager." Isn't that sad?

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