Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Saturday I fried my shoulders in the HOT sun while planting. It took me almost all morning to finish but I did and my garden looks great. My neighbor even said that I was doing a great job, which is cool. However ... I think he came out to get a closer look at my jamaican forearms and gleaming whitey biceps only to run back inside and laugh with his wife and in-laws. Yea, that must've been hot. If I had entrance music to walking out to the front yard to plant, it would've been "Cotton Eye Joe". Note to self: buy overalls.

Sunday I spent all day with Paul cleaning the entire house, inside and out. Then we bought a fire pit and two chairs for our Sunday night soiree. About 10 other people came over, we cooked meat, drank, and sat around the fire until midnight. It was really fun, I really enjoyed it.

Monday.....we did nothing. I wanted to play golf but it was record hot outside and Paul and I weren't in the mood to sweat and burn for 3 hours. There is so much we could've done but "couch potato" sounded soooo good at 10am in the pleasantly cool basement. Ultimately we ended up watching CSI/Inked marathons for like 9 hours - what a fantastic Memorial Day. :)

Today, it's going to be a relatively easy work day and then it's off to the gym. I'm gonna try to get back into my workout schedule. I went a little overboard Sunday night so I feel like I need to sweat out some toxins. It'll be nice I think. Plus, I'd like to lose a few more pounds for the wedding. I wanna be skinny. :)

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Yesterday was such a beautiful day for a round of 18. My back hurts, my face is burnt, and my ego is bruised a little but I can't really complain about a break from work. It was nice. I played well on the first nine but the back nine, dude, it was like I'd forgotten everything about golf all together. By the end, I was so frustrated and tired of trying that I decided all I was going to do was stare at the ground - no aiming, no lining up, no nothing, just hitting. Yea, I was hitting the straightest and longest shots I've ever hit before at that point. I still need to tighten up my short game but my drives are getting way better.

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

9 minutes. I spent parts of last week, part of last Sunday, last night, and a good portion of this morning working on a project that's due today. 8 locations and about 5 1/2 calendar days (3.5 working days) to get it done --- I get it done this morning and I f-ing forget a very small but yet very huge portion of the project. It's like my whole chance to bid on this thing relies on whether or not I can get this piece of paper by 12 today. I'm supposed to be playing golf at 11.

3 minutes. I have to beg these people to get my guarantee papers by noon. My fax machine is broken so I have to do this all by phone while I beg, beg, beg my way into those papers. shit.

1 minute til they open. Please let them say yes. Please. I really don't want to look like a complete moron.

I called. Crappy. I think the lady is pissed. She prolly just got into work and here I am, calling the second they open, desperate for papers. I should send her a thank you card or fruit basket or something. SOB I'm so annoying.

Sunday, May 21, 2006

Blogger! Live update! This is Paul tearing into the shower to fix some bad tile/plumbing issues. CRAZYYYYY

Friday, May 19, 2006


I normally wouldn't stop working on a job just to write a blog but I felt it was important that I post. I wanted to tell you, blog, that I finally finished constructing the backbone of my company. As of today, I am a recognized and legitimate builder and I am granted the option of legal recourse on property should a buyer/owner ever fail to make payment. At first, they told me I would have to wait six-eight weeks for any official word - maybe that's designed to make you happy when you get it in 4 weeks like I did. .... yea that's prolly it...... Anyhoo, so yea! I've reached my first huge milestone/accomplishment and it feels terrific. Just wanted to share. :)

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Paul's new favorite toy. ;)

Thursday, May 11, 2006

I'm not bargining, I refuse to do it. I might joke but I'm not going to really mean trading this project for another. Yes, this project is beyond terrible and if I had the chance to go back, I would've left the deal in a second. Losing one customer instead of a pot full of money would've have been more than worth it at the time. But as it is, I'm going to continue to address my responsiblities there. I won't give up even though my word and our reputation for being a stand up company are officially shot to hell. I've virtually lost all respect on that job, for real - but I don't really care anymore. I have an excellent track record with other customers and I don't intend to spoil my good vibes with one miserable job.

Well, I'll try not to spoil my work life with one miserable job. It's surprisingly difficult though. It's like an embarrassing moment that you can't stop thinking about. Maybe it's something you said that you felt guilty about 5 minutes after you said it or maybe you were drunk and you got into a little childlike tiff and you feel like a total complete idiot when you wake up the next morning and realize that you got into this stupid, stupid fight that you can hardly remember (but oh it's on the video camera that you brought) combined with the fact that you can just barely walk, eat, or all otherwise function because you drank so much the night before...and you have to live with that experience for the rest of your life. I hate that. It's like you want to forget about it but you just can't. You just can't believe that things went the way that they did. HUH it SUCKS.

PS - don't worry, the fight wasn't anything more than a tackle/punch between friends - but embarassingly juvenile enough to make me never want to do that again.

Monday, May 08, 2006

Bought a new bed this weekend. I'm so proud of Paul for totally taking control over whether or not this lady was going to get a sale. He was like "excuse me, can I have a minute with my wife please?" This sales lady was like "uh, yea, yea sure." I was so proud. Normally he really tries to be nice and friendly but this time he was like 'let me make this decision without you breathing down my back.' He never used to do that before - I'm so proud.

Monday, May 01, 2006

I went to my cousins bat mitzvah party last night. It was alright, I mean, it was all that one could expect a 13-14 year old's party would be....except for the dance moves of some of these tiny girls. Some of them haven't even gone through puberty yet and they're dancing to the Black Eyed Peas, dry humping the air. They're in stiletto heels, seriously short black dresses, a whole lot of makeup, and they're not even old enough to drive! It was weird. It was really weird.

My cousin didn't seem like she was part of those groups, which makes me feel really good. As far as Paul was concerned, his daughter will be wearing nothing less than a burlap bag to one of these things - that makes me happy too. I remember when Color Me Badd came out and my parents were like "no!" and I wasn't allowed to listen to them until I was 18....but by then they were like 40 and so not in. I wonder if parents do that now. Do you think they censor they're pre-teen's music? Would you when you have a pre-teen?

My answer: hell yea. Some of the songs are the radio should only really be played in 18+ clubs. I mean come on, the whisper song, "wait til you see my ((oh))" - a pre-teen shouldn't be listening to that. That's just a little too far.