Thursday, September 28, 2006

I went out with a crewman yesterday after work. I'm the biggest sucker for guiness - i can't believe it. i feel like elaine on that episode of seinfeld when she's coaxed into drinking peach schnapps so that she'll divulge "vault" secrets. anyway, so we got there about 4:30 and by the time i actually got home it was 9. yea ouch. i got into a slight bit of trouble when i got home. I can't help it though, I feel like i'm back in college again but everyone at the bar is like 15 years older. It's nice. it brings back fond memories of the OP and all the other random bar nights in the zoo.

hey 24 is still young right?

Saturday, September 09, 2006

lately i haven't wanted to do anything but go to the bar and just bullshit with a couple of people for like 4 hours. two weeks ago, my crew asked if i was going out to the bar with them and i swear it was like the Van Halen "Hot for Teacher" track clicked on in my brain - i heard the instrumental in the beginning and i was all in. YEAA. i don't really want to go out to like a standing room only bar or a restaurant or anything - i'm just looking for 4 or more stools in front of a sleu of liquors, taps, and peanuts, maybe a baseball or football game on tv, and a cold Guiness on a cocktail napkin in front of me. Some place that's not too busy, somewhat dark, and never really washes the floor. i love that. i want that.

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

To sum up the last month and a half or so.......

I played the role of superintendent for nearly two months and I loved every bit of it. I'd even work 8 hour Saturdays for free - in addition to the 15-20 some hours of overtime I put in during the regular week. I turned into a pressure junkie and a "mother hen" as my security friend put it. I'm an addict.

Now the job is over and I'm back in the office. BORING. Nothing exciting happens in here but .. whoa! we got new letterhead! durp.

Labor day was nice. I put together a treadmill while Paul cleaned out the garage. it was an eventful day :)

I've only played golf once this season. that makes me sad on the inside.

geee....i thought i would have more to say but i guess not. sorry guy!

Last night was fun. :)