Monday, December 04, 2006

I totally opened a holiday gift box this morning that was intended for the people upstairs. Oooops! Now I'll probly have to dispose all of the delicious chocolate candy so there's no evidence of any villiany. Mmmmmm chocolate evidence.....

Speaking of bad calories, I've been seriously working on changing my everyday diet. So far, I've been quite successful in eating healthier and reducing the amount of food I eat during the week. Combined with a new cardio regimen 3 days a week, I've been feeling really good about myself which is nice. My only flaw is that when I get to the weekend, I COMPLETELY blow it. And I don't mean like I don't run or I slip and have like a candybar or something - I mean I completely lose it. It all starts with pizza, then it moves to pizza bread, then the next day it's cold pizza (I freakin love cold pizza), then it's fast food, then it's cake or popsicles, then hours upon hours of tv, then chips and's terrible. The whole rest of the week I'm trying to work off all of the crap I digested during the weekend. I swear man, it's a vicious cycle and it all starts with the gateway drug : pizza.

There should be a patch similar to the nicotine patch - but for pizza.

god i love pizza.

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