Thursday, January 04, 2007

I'm the next generation in this industry and I have absolutely no loyalties to the union. Now I don't mean to seem crass when it comes to the very thing that has aided this entire industry into becoming something of a professional trade but the prestige carried with working as a tradesman faded long before I got here. Today I'm left with a small group of people who join the union because it's easier to find work than putting an ad in the paper. Most of these guys don't care about customers or company interests and as it seems, neither do delegates and officials. In this day and age, one would make the logical conclusion that should the UAW ever break, the brief and succinct demise of the younger, weaker, and smaller unions will be inevitable BUT as the funds continue to shrink and more UAW jobs disappear, the more people start hiding behind this agnostic front. Well I say go ahead and cry "oh it's never going to happen to us" because I'm no longer going to lament over the shortcomings of this so called feat. Believe you me, if one day the union snapped out of this self-administered, drug induced coma they seem to be in right now, I'd back them 100% but as long as they continue to stew in their own denial, I'm on my own. I cannot afford to dedicate my time helping a local that flat out refuses to back me in manufacturing a ruckus over a pro-union city job I 'lost' to a non-union contractor. This job required a labor usage agreement that was copasetic to surrounding unions .................. people ....... how can you sign the agreement and completely ignore that the contractor you're entering in contract with ...... IS A SCAB?!

Sorry guys but I will no longer be steadfast in backing union interests. The world is changing my friends............and I have to eat.

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Anonymous said...

Good for you and I couldn't agree more.

Hope all is well in Pontiac.