Friday, January 26, 2007

When we were young, we used to tag along on the roofer's canoe trips. The trip filled a whole weekend of biking and canoeing and all sorts of other fun stuff. The last time the roofers ever got together, we spent our weekend at this campground that eventually closed down because of the steep beach leading to the river. I guess it was a fall hazard that the State couldn't afford to keep anymore BUT kids we loved playing up and down the beach. We'd jump just to see how far we could was great. Anyhoo, so Dave was quickly bored with the beach so he decides he's going to chop wood instead. I know, isn't that a great idea?! So he grabs a small hatchet and starts chopping this stump. He chops and chops and it gets harder so he swings the hatchet down with all of his strengh. What failed to pop into his brain was that in order to swing that hatchet with all of his might, he needed to brace himself by putting his bare foot on the edge of the stump. Well he missed and nearly severed his pinky toe.

Meanwhile, my dad is drinking up a storm with all the guys. Suddenly he hears this scream and sees Dave's foot bleeding all over the place. He throws him in the car and heads to the nearest hospital. On the way, he gets pulled over by the cops and as he opens the door to get his paperwork, a pile of beer cans fall out. I'm not sure how he got out of that one but he did. My dad ended up getting Dave to the hospital and Dave ended up with a huge bright yellow cast over his foot.

I swear, and I say this is all the love in the world, my life will be forever entertained by the mishaps of my brother.

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