Friday, January 26, 2007

Yesterday my older brother and I were kinda laughing about the things my younger brother has lied about over the years. Basically he's a good kid but when he makes mistakes he attempts to come up with these "brilliant" stories of outrageous perils of which he was forced to overcome after very unique moments of distress and confusion .... and without creditable witness as always. Sound exciting?! Well, most of us find it utterly amusing when he describes his triumph over evil and his narrow escape from near .....blame.....but he is dead set on his stories and claims every part to be true as if they were written by the Man himself.

Once, about maybe four years ago or so, all of us decided to go up north for a nice weekend of biking and laying out in the sun. Dave claimed he had to work so he was left at home for the three days we were gone. No big deal right - he's 17-18 years old - he can take care of himself............ .......... ......

Fast forward to Sunday evening, as we're all returning from a splendid vacation by Lake Michigan, we see one of the five evergreen trees that line the back of my parents driveway, scorched from the roots to the tippy top limb. As the doors to the truck open, Dave comes rushing out of the garage, ready to spill his guts. This is what he says:
"Dad....Dad.....I was coming home on Saturday and there were firemen in the driveway putting out the tree. I asked them what happened and they told me that, well that it was on fire and someone called the fire department. I told them that I don't know what could've caused it and they said it could've been ... it could've been spontaneous combustion. Can you imagine if that happened when I was at home?! Good thing." (keep in mind that it was in fact a hot day, he wreaked of Marlboro Reds, and he'd just gotten rid of the few friends that were over)

I love my brother and his stories. Ah, he makes me laugh.

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