Monday, February 12, 2007

So dig this blog - last night while P & I are trying to watch Family Guy, I start hearing these noises in the other rooms of the house. I knew something was up when Ruby got up and walked into the hallway to check things out but when I said something to P, he's tells me that all I'm hearing is the registers and the dog. I turned on the light, waited for a second, and there was nothing, so I shut the light off again and crawled back into bed.

Sure enough, a minute or two after the lights are off, I keep hearing these little scratchy, chipmunky noises in the house. I was absolutely terrified that somehow a raccoon had snuck into the attic then slipped into the house from some tiny crack and is now going to freak out in one of the upstairs rooms --- or worse, walk into our bedroom, attack the dog, and then bite us all over and give us rabies and etc etc etc AH (I have a bad overactive imagination when it comes to this stuff)! So I took a cue from Roobs and decided to tip-toe into the other rooms and sneak a peek from around the wall. The light in the guest room clicked on and there was no noise. The light in the office clicked on and there wasn't any noise in there either. Frustrated and still a little freaked out, I slip back into bed. Just as P is about to rag on me for being paranoid and then flat out call me crazy...........

....Ruby gets up and stands at the door. I hear the noises again and I'm watching Ruby's head dart back and forth. In mid "oh sh-" I see this small black winged creature, fly circles around the ceiling fan, right over my bed. I HATE SMALL FLYING ANIMALS. I hate them, I hate them, I hate them. They are sick and scary and they make me scream. I pulled the covers over my head and P practically punches me in the face trying to cover my head with blankets. P is trying to get me to reach over and turn on the light to make it stop flying but I'm WAY to freaked out to stick my hand out of the covers. He climbs over me and flicks on the light and that stupid, sick, disgusting, little freak-head is hiding behind my bedroom door. Light or no light, I'm not getting out of my safety blankets! So P kills the bat with a piece of the box fan (u can't use something flat and solid to hit 'em because of their ability to sense solid objects so something light with holes tends to work better).

After things have calmed down a bit, Ruby plops down on her pillow and we go back to watching Family Guy. I let Paul laugh for a few minutes and then at the end of the show, I squinted my eyes, smooshed my lips up to my nose, looked that man straight in the eye, and said "I TOLD you I'm not crazy."

He just looked at me, laughed, then told me I was a frady cat. Deeeerrrrrrrp!

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