Tuesday, April 17, 2007

I watched a little bit of the CMT music awards last night and it made me want to get back into country.

Heard a guy talking about the shooting at V Tech on Opie and Anthony this morning. After the guy was finished telling his side of the story, O&A launched into a pro-legal gun rant and claimed that there is a difference between legal and illegal guns used during the commission of crimes. There was a point to A's tirade and it made sense but at this point, it's just separating the mud from the dirt (for lack of a better analogy). I'm not that knowledgable on gun laws or gun purchasing or gun background checks etc because I don't, nor do I want to own a gun. That being said, I won't comment on the process but I will throw out the obvious question -- so where do people get pistols to shoot other people?

It makes me wonder about anti-drug & lifer laws and 'three-strikes'. It makes me wonder about the 2+ million involved in the US correctional system and how nearly two-thirds of population is in for drug related crimes. I think about how people are so naive to believe that prison is the most effective deterrent for drugs. I think about how our prisons are exploding with people because of politicial "tough on crime" policies. Then, I think about how V Tech, like many other tragic situations, is going to be reduced to mere paradigm for some anti-gun, crime-stopper lobbyist that suggests we crowd more prisons with tougher gun control laws.

That's what always drove me crazy about this country's political landscape when it comes to criminal justice. It's like trying to teach dog who not to jump up on the bed by shutting the door to the bedroom. Grrr.........I'm so glad I'm not a cop right now. I think I would drive myself insane.

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