Monday, April 02, 2007

So we went out for Paul's birthday Friday night with my folks. First, Paul doesn't talk that much.....unless of course he's around Scott or Axel but that's a totally different story. Anyhoo so I try my absolute hardest not to talk about work but it's seriously challenging considering I spend 85% of my time at work with my parents. So as the night goes on and on, my folks and I keep turning the conversation into work-related gossip. By the end of dinner, I was so annoyed with myself it was sick.

I guess it all comes back to this book that I'm reading. It's called something like "92 tricks to talk to someone". One chapter in the book describes the dynamic of a 'little cat' vs. a 'big cat'. Big Cats are those whose confidence and poise is enough to convey success and intelligence whereas little cats are those who nip, poke fun, and tease -- compensating for size and lack of substance. ..... So the more the conversation steered towards work that night, the more I started to feel like a little kitty at a table full of big cats. I have a problem with verbally poking at my dad sometimes --- which I think, is more in response to how much he jabs me at work when he's my "boss".

It occured to me later that night that if I stop poking at the bear, maybe the bear will stop nipping at me. Uhh Duh Jackie - you're an idiot! You need to grow up.

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