Saturday, September 22, 2007

So I'm not entirely happy with the way things went this week but I'm slowly getting over it.

I clicked on a continuous stream of Ray Charles and started re-painting my hallway...finally. Although it was tremendously time consuming, I think the change of pace took my mind off the maddening week. I'm happy with the time it took though, it looks better than it did after I painted it the first time and it looks a hell of a lot better now that all the little white compound patches are painted over. Yea, Paul had a boxing match with a box spring ... the patches represent the underlying frustration we have with this house. She's a temptress - she makes you think you can get big pieces of furniture in but really, HA, you cannot. So far, it's HOUSE 5, US 3. Blog, you should've seen the last thing we tried to get up the stairs! It was about 300 lbs. and just so happened to be 2" too tall. What a bitch.

Anyhoo, I just realized that I'm painty and I want to redo my hair...... so I'm out but I'll get back to you later. SeeYa.

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

I can't sleep tonight. We tore off this roof last night and just tarped it off for this morning and even though I know it's not going to rain and everything will be fine, I'm still terrified about what the owner's going to say about just tarping the area off last night. To tell you the truth, I'm going to do everything I possibly can to avoid talking about it but still - what happens if I have to tell him and he's pissed? .....

What am I exactly afraid of? Am I afraid of him telling me that I'm not a good person/employee? ... Yes, yes I think that's actually it. I can't sleep because I'm flippin scared this guy will freak out about the stupid tarps and I'm going to get railed because this area wasn't in true watertight condition. I have this vision that he's going to look me in the eye and tell me that I'm a bad superintendent and he no longer wants me on this project. .... Which in that case, would be good for me because all this project has been doing for the last 5 months is give me ulsers, insomnia, and worry lines.

My dad blames me for this whole mess. As if all I had going on yesterday was this job. I started in the office yesterday at 6:45am, worked on bids for an hour and a half -- drove out to a project in Livonia at 8:15am and didn't get back until 10am. I spent the following hour or so, prepping for another three jobs, all due within the next few days, and then I headed out to this project. I spent a half an hour on this project before I found out that my crew was missing part of their order - so at 11:30 or so, I raced around trying to get a hold of their material. By 12:45, I could hear my stomach growling but I ignored it and popped back into the office for some more bid reviews. Jumped in the truck around 2 with Ed and took him out to a small bid on the east side of town. I finally got back at around 3:15 ---- only to find out that my father is hella pissed about my crews not putting the roof on a small 50 x 30 area and then, on top of that, not even putting any tarps down just in case. So at about 4ish, he makes me drive over there with my foreman and lay out 3 tarps until 5. And I wonder why I'm always stressed and upset.

I'm gonna crack here sooner or later and it's not going to be pretty.

Friday, September 14, 2007

My crazy husband

My Crazy Surfin Dog