Thursday, January 10, 2008

I'm turning into a hermit. I like the word "hermit"......"hermy"....."hermoo"....."hermayo"..... "hermitity". Anyway, I'm not really turning into one. I'm not even sure why I thought of that. Although I would prefer "hermitness" if some people don't stop bothering me with questions. Generally people bother me with all sort of things but this is one of those situations where if I could pretend that I wasn't here, I would.

Say you're back in college and you're taking Hermito 101. For the most part, something about the subject matter doesn't quite click in your brain but you still want to get an A. You decide that you're going to make yourself understand the information no matter how long it takes, so you spend uber amounts of time in the LiBary until you're a Hermito genius. FINALLY the final exam comes and you ace it and you're proud of your 50 hours worth of studying. horray!

Imagine some guy who takes the same class after you. His name could be like Bob or Tom or Joe....... anyhoo, so 'Dougie' knows that you've taken the class and he's having trouble understanding it too. SO he's discovering what a fantastic resource you are and how much easier it is to understand the class when he can pester you every now and then for help. At first, you're thinking "ok, I didn't get this right away, I'll just help him get on the right track." Then, after the 78th question, smoke is starting to billow out of your ears. You explode at this guy like "dude, I can't keep helping you man, at some point you have to read the book!"

The guy stares at you in shock. Here you are, with 90 hours of the most grueling and arduous of all studying under your belt and this guy looks at you like you're some kind of snob for refusing to continue to help him. He even has the nerve to argue with you over whether or not the book is even important! Then, as you drill and drill and drill on the point that reading the book is going to help him more than merely skating by on someone elses understanding ----- he finally confesses that he doesn't like to read books because he doesn't have the self-discipline to read it from start to finish.

"Fry Scuzz!" you scream at him. "I didn't get this! I had to read mindnumbing crap for hours on end just so I could pass that class! Did I like it? No but I did what I had to do!"

He looks at you and while understanding your point, he groans realizing he's either going to have to crack open a book .. or find a new, Hermito knowing friend.

Would that make you want to pretend you're not here too?

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