Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Last night I stopped by my mom's house to see my little furry friend, Mag pie. She's nearly 16 years old and I guess she's getting sicker as every day now. My mom thinks it's her time so I wanted to stop by and play with her a little and tell her I love her. I knew I was going to get sick but I didn't really care.....

While driving home later on, I could feel my face start to burn. As soon as I got home, I threw my jacket in the wash and rushed upstairs to wash my hands and face. When I looked in the mirror, I was only about half-surprised. People, this never happened when I lived with Maggie. This started happening to me while I was living with the three cats in college but for some reason, it was never to this extent.

My face swelled up to the point where I could barely open my right eye last night. Look at this photo dude - -------- DUDE this is more than 12 hours later, after tylenol and allergy medicine and it still looks like I got punched in the face. WHat is HappenING to ME?!?!

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