Friday, February 01, 2008

So how bout this weather eh? We get a super snow blast today and then in two days, we'll get slusheroonie. OH peanuts! Speaking of weird weather though, Paul and I finally watched THE INCONVENIENT TRUTH by Mr. Former Vice President Al Gore (aka Mr. Fantastic). Although Al Gore's charisma has not really gotten any better with age, he was wonderfully well spoken and almost...yes I think I will call him....a pleasant breath of fresh air. He really comes off as being the type of guy that should seriously be running this country ...... seriously, we are at total loss because of some idiot counters in Florida......thank you Jeb Bush...... Anyway, he's actually inspired me to go green. I mean, not that I wasn't 'green' before but now I actually feel like I can do something about it. Over the years it seems like people tell you and tell you and tell you that things are bad. They're BAD jack - THEY ARE BAD! But no one's really said "dude, did you know that you don't have to be a crazy energy freak - in fact, you really don't have to do much at all, just save this or this." Yeah ok, so I may have missed the green train a few times when it pulled into the station but to me, it's like someone telling you that you can feel so much better about life if you just eat better. I didn't really care about it at first but then when Paul and I switched our diet to fresh veggies, grilled or baked meat, and new and exciting fruit ---- I can really notice a difference in my attitude and overall happiness.

It's craZY!!!!!!

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